Camping Aourir is a small but relaxed Campsite in the South-West of Morocco. In the lovely region of Souss-Massa – about 10 km before Agadir. You will find the Campsite between the well-known “Banana Village” of Aourir on the Atlantic Coast and the adventurous mountain-village of Imouzzer Ida Ou Tanane about 5 km after Aourir direction Imouzzer.


Imouzzer Ida Ou Tanane is very acquainted for its nice Waterfalls (Cascades). Which is especially in Springtime at the marvelous time of the Almond Blossom a very nice place to stay! In the chilliness of the Mountain Site.


And when it comes to Camping, we are proud to say Camping Aourir is different. For Camping-Friends we offer something special something more cordial! Please follow our blog or one of our social media channels, we would be happy! ... more on:

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