I grew up in the foothils of the Appalachians in East Alabama. I moved to Colorado with my wife in 1987 and never looked back.

I'm not a professional photographer.

I'm not an amature photographer.

I am very blessed to be surrounded by God's beauty!

Once in a while my photographic skill is adequate enough to capture this beauty.

I have several expensive digital camers but it seems the best scenes always happen when I only have my cheap but faithful 3mp KODAK pocket camera. Someday I will scan the boxes full of 35mm photos I have and post them here also......Rights are reserved on all my photos. Contact me through Flickr e-mail if you are interested in using any of my photos....ENJOY YOUR VISIT........ GOD BLESS YOU!

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Into the Heart of ColoradoMike Baughn is a Auto Technician during the week and a passionate mountain hiker and nature photographer on the weekends.His is love of nature takes him to the heart of Colorado. read more voices.yahoo.com/into-heart-colorado-6530826.html

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