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I am always ready to share my images, but ask that you do not redistribute my images as your own for sale as collage image CDs or as stock images. If you want an image for a specific reason, just send me a Flickrmail. I have decided to set Creative Commons licenses on many more of my photographs so that you can use them on your blogs or websites. The license change applies primarily to photos as opposed to ephemera scans. I love seeing how you used my photographs, so leave me a link! Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

That said, I am a Cultural Tourist with eclectic Flickr interests.

I like stuff found in thrift stores, dogs, vintage illustrations, maps, ephemera of almost any kind, found objects, weird gardens, toy horses, mixed-media art, books (lots and lots of books!), geeky things, bad puns, old advertising, saints and shrines, Texas, Southeast Louisiana, cowboys, longhorns, backroads, roadside oddities, old signs, the desert, bayous and piney woods.

My interests include: reading, writing, making collages and assemblage art, thrift shopping, animal rescue, cultural investigations, thrift shopping, drawing, volunteering, and did I mention thrift shopping?

I was raised as oil brat, and married a guy in the oil business (how predictable). As a child, I lived in Venezuela, Libya (1971-73) and in Bahrain (1973-76). I spent my 20's through mid-30s in California (Huntington Beach, Hawthorne). My husband's job has taken us from California to Hawai'i, then Southeast Louisiana, and now to Texas. I like most climates, but prefer my snow on distant mountaintops or on postcards.

I'm an over-educated liberal arts major: I am a Phi Beta Kappa with a degree in Classical Civilization, Greek emphasis, and Comparative Literature, emphasis on critical theory. I know more useless facts than anyone really needs to know.

I'm more liberal than most of my neighbors. I live northeast of Houston in The Great State of Texas. I have two rescue dogs, countless books, too many boxes of ephemera and some of the best computer hardware around--if I don't own it, my Geek Boy son does! :)

I turned 50 in 2009, so I'm a "Baby Buster" or a "Generation Jones," with kids in high school and college My minivan mom days are nearing their end.

I love looking at other members' photos and scans of ephemera. Flickr has shown me that I'm not the only one who has clung to pretty illustrations, odd bits of advertising, labels from plastic toys and found photos and post cards!

I volunteer at my local Shelter and I blog about my experiences. Check out the link below, "We Don't Rent Puppies."

I'm thrilled to play a small part in the Flickr community--I'm impressed by the skills of the photographers, intrigued and inspired by the artists, and am amazed by the obsessiveness of some of the collectors!

Although my entries are sporadic, I have 2 blogs:

For Art & Collections:

For Animal Rescue:

Thanks for looking at my profile and enjoy my photostream!

Please leave a comment so I can look at your things, too. That's the best part of Flickr!

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    The Wreath Witch thrift & crafts says:

    "Calsidyrose has a wonderful eye
    for fun and beauty and art
    I am so glad she shares it us
    I feel like I have always known her
    Thank You. for being here Calsidyrose"

    February 27th, 2010

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    davelaFave says:

    "Um.. I don't even know you but your collection of images has me SWOOONING. Keep 'em coming! Your taste level is unsurpassed."

    January 12th, 2010

November 2007
I am:
Female and Taken
mixed media artist and junk collector
We Don't Rent Puppies