I am allergic to being home. I love the Lakers... like capital L love. I love street food. I hate math and math hates me…that makes us even, right? I am addicted to technology. There, I said it. I judge minorities that vote Republican. I take tons of pictures... all of which end up online. I believe in myself but don’t believe I am better than others. I’m both my biggest critic and competitor. I love to argue and hate to be wrong. I enjoy talking to strangers. I dream of playing soccer all day. I eat out a lot…like…a lot. I don’t make bets I can’t win. I refuse to use a pillow. Great burgers and steaks are a thing of beauty. I research; it’s what I do. I feel my best in a suit and tie as well as in some jeans and a Lakers shirt. If you don’t know I’m from Los Angeles you’re not paying attention. More often than not I am blunt. I plan gatherings. I am extremely competitive but I only compete with myself. I am positive and grateful. My actions will confuse you. I avoid easy categorization. I am a yuppie and live in a yuppie part of town but feel most comfortable eating and hanging out in places that remind me of my decidedly not yuppy hometown. I could care less about seasons; 75 degrees year-round please! I believe in the whine to action ratio: if the number of whines exceeds what you DO to correct the problem, please shut up. I will probably annoy you if you are feeling down. I try my best to focus on what I have rather than what I do not. I aspire to be an Executive Director. I don’t take people seriously who attempt to prove their intelligence by alma mater name dropping. I’m easily annoyed by those who avoid speaking their mind. I seldom believe in forgiveness: you’re an adult; you can be accountable for your actions. I have a deep admiration for the honorable, intelligent and those who do a lot with very little. I hope that when I pass I will be remembered for what I did to make the world a better place. I feel most comfortable at dinner with a handful of friends. More often than not I try to explain my way in and out of situations. I am constantly trying to walk the line between spontaneous and carefully researched and weighted ideas. I seem to constantly explain to people that their worth as people is not the same as their net worth. I make lists. You name it and I have a list for it. Wait – does this count?


Okay this would definitely cut down on a lot of small talk, not that I mind small talk.

a/s/l? I am a 30 year old Salvadorian-American male who born in Compton, California. I attended Fairfax high school in Hollywood, California and was part of the UC Berkeley class of 2003.

I have held residence here in northern California since 1999.

How tall are you?
If I’m feeling like lying I’ll say that I am 5’11”

In fact, I am 5’10” ½

While I am at it…

I weigh in at 165 lbs

Hair color: Light brown

Eye color: Light brown

Blood type…actually, I don’t know.

My bad, you’re from Compton, are you going to shoot me?
While I was born in Compton, I have spent most of my life drifting through Los Angeles, though I identify the most with Hollywood. I have lived a pretty rough life. I don’t own any guns, btw.

¿Hablas espanol?
Naci en proximidad a Los Angeles, asi que creci hablando espanol y no aprendi ingles hasta que me matricule en la escuela. Mi madre me crio hablando en espanol y es una lengua al cual le tengo mucho respeto.

I was born in proximity to Los Angeles, so my mother raised me speaking Spanish and did not learn English until I was matriculated in school. My mother only speaks to us in Spanish, so Spanish is a language I respect dearly.

So, do you speak Mexican?
My family is from El Salvador. El Salvador is in Central America. Here, I don’t blame you, the education system here is really bad. Do some reading and get back to me. Knowledge is power. If you want to know about Salvadorian-Americans in particular, you can check out this paper I wrote.

So, you're a schoolboy?
These are the school I have attended and a little bit about them

So what do you do for a living?
I am working for a nonprofit who runs after-school programs for San Francisco Unified School District.

In short, I want to teach and help inspire people.

What do you do in your free time?
-Hang out with friends
- Photography
-Fill out things like this on my LJ

What kind of music do you like?
Music is a huge part of my life. If you want to see what I am listening to right now, you can
check this out

In general, these would be the albums I could not live without and that represent me.

What kind of movies do you like?
Here is a list of my all-time favorite movies

I am always up for a good movie, particularly if it is drama or foreign (Spanish and Italian are usually what I go for).

What is your favorite…
Okay, I get the drift.

Just go here

Do you like politics?
As a matter of fact, I do. I majored in history, but also take a lot of courses in political science. The first time I registered to vote I was a republican and voted for John McCain. Once Mr. GW Bush won the primaries I became a democrat and have remained a democrat ever since. As you’ll come to discover, I’m a pretty complicated individual. I could be a free-ranging anarchist on one issue and a conservative on the next. In general, I am
Here are some of the things I am for and against:

-Pro universal healthcare
-I have mixed feelings on abortion. On a personal level, I wouldn’t encourage it, but I wouldn’t legislate my thought onto others.
-I am against excessive military spending.
-Pro-gay marriages
-I am into protecting civil liberties
-I am anti-imperialism
-I honestly don’t care too much for environmental causes but I am not *against* them, just apathetic.

I can’t believe you said that!
A lot of my views are somewhat controversial (though it may not seem so from what I mentioned above). I have a lot of opinions that only apply to me, and I don’t expect anyone else to follow them and I don’t judge anyone by them. At the core I guess I only hold myself to my own standards.

Can I add you?
It’s a free country, go for it.

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