Within the last 5 years I have come to realize the benefits of education in Virtual Worlds is extremely important. I still love arr as art is an essential part of expression. I am Virtual Consultant for , (freelance), as my contribution to bringing the art to Opera and Theatre.

I am now affiliated with Rockcliffe University and hope to become more emerged in the Education community as a whole in as many virtual worlds as possible. Rockcliffe has the tools and set the model for many colleges and universities in virtual worlds and I hope to have a long standing relationship with them as we enter a new age of information technology in education.

**Please do not be offended is I do not replicate contact offers, I do visit each photo stream when offered contact, friendship or otherwise from people. I do not add advertising contact, my interests are no longer in fashion and frankly there are things in my inventory I've never worn that I purchased 3+ years ago.**

I am far more interested in creativity and imagination as they are the very essence of what we as spiritual beings experiencing a human existence can offer to the beauty of the world and I feel my original friends here on Flickr and in Second life display some of the most creative things I ever saw. I DO MISS THE OLD FliCKR!!!!

Aside from that I have dedicated myself to 3D education and hopefully bringing to light those whom are still in the last century of education he benefits of using different Virtual Worlds, (based on the needs of the facility), into this century. Those who claim to be cutting edge but are still using the traditional 2D web online classes are not keeping up with technology and I am more than willing to show how education in virtual worlds is an amazing platform whee student can immerse themselves in their area of study and take them to the next level and as I've always said, "If I don't have the answer for you I know someone who does."

Pasy History; I am very much into art, photography and theatre. I have been a member of the SCA since 1978 and will be returning to DarkWater SCA soon. I have preformed in live theater from Ohio to Denver to Orlando. I also have loved the internet from the days of BBS and am always fascinated at the mediums that have evolved from the first days of public Internet to the new platforms being created today.

I wish everyone all the happiness as all my friends are wonderful people, I even wish happiness to the "not-so-wonderful" in hopes being happy will change their outlook on life.

Official or not all my pictures are mine and not permitted for copy unless I authorize it. That applies only to those who would exchange a dollar amount for my images. Those who are contacts, friends are groups are welcome to share with no dollar exchange.

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My Aura is Blue
Spiritual and calm, you tend to live a quiet but enriching life.
You are very giving of yourself. And it's hard for you to let go of relationships.

The purpose of your life: showing love to other people


I love Machinima. I'm always up for the challenge of creating characters and prefer a "character role" in both theatre and Machinima. Keep an eye out for - I'm the old lady in this one.

My motto based on a song from the group "Heart" is
"Keep Your Love Alive"
by showing and giving love to others the rewards are greater than any amount of money or material "wants".

I am very fortunate that my friends both virtual and physical are wonderful people and it is my honor to know you.

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    ミTIGER 彡 (burly.tigerpaw) says:

    "A chance meeting on Flickr. You were an Avie. I was sum guy in RL who had fled SL after 2 visits in May 2008 due to bad experience. People in SL were just plain weird! So why did I go back in? I don't know. First night back in, July 12, 2008, you asked me if I wanted to dance. But only if I would ditch the hair. We danced. I was bald. I didn't give it a 2nd thought. In 2nd life. For more than two 2nds. Since then, you have been the best mentor, the steadiest friend I have, and you ALWAYS had suggestions and info to help me in whatever my current dilemma was. You are always a blast, always dressed to the 9's, always lookin phenomenally foxy, and that shit eatin grin of yours makes me smile. No, check that, you make me laugh out loud!! You GIVE AND GIVE AND GIVE to the SL community so selflessly, CallieDel. What an amazing gift we have in you. I cant believe that you don't have 20 testimonials here before mine. Your heart is kind. You have patience out the wazoo with an admittedly goofy Burly, and your curiosity knows no bounds. You have my admiration and respect as the the most important friend on my list, CallieDel Boa. I can only hope that i can somehow return the favor some day. Yur the bees knees, Missy! I am here any time you need me.

    Much love, BBri ;>)"

    November 22nd, 2008

August 2006
Girard, Ohio
I am:
Virtual Reality Education Consultant
Rockcliffe University Consortium