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Yesterday i surpassed the number 25000 on my photostream, so i guess it's time for an updated profile... (as the old version was written at 5000).

I'm now almost ten month on flickr and it has been a wonderful time. The creativity and the inspirations i got from the community were a boost to my personal photography. Back in January i've joined flickr simply to show some winter images to some friends of mine. Slowly but surely i spent more time on flickr as i expected - getting feedback, finding friends and contacts, joining more groups, ...

Now after 10 months, ~180 uploaded images, ~40 explored shots and a few frontpages i took a new challenge. I bought my first DSLR in August 2009 - the Nikon D90 with a 18-105mm and 70-300mm lense for the start. So i guess it's time again to learn :-D

Up to now i used a Canon A95 P&S and sometimes a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ8 (in May and June). So it's quite a jump in technology and a lot of new settings and abilities, who needs to be tested. After the shots i took so far i can say that i really love my new cam!

Again i want to thank my wonderful contacts and friend for their support and friendship! Thanks for all the views, comments, notes and favs. I really appreciate every feedback i get! I usually try to give back every comment i get. Sorry if it does not work out everytime!

Mabye a short explanation about my comments. When i upload a new image i first comment my latest contact photos which i have not commented so far. Then i look at my last image and visit and comment the people who commented there ;-)

A little additional information:
Recently i opend a second account "city/human/life" the get a place for some experiments. So far i've uploaded there additional photos of certain shoots/events or alternative b/w versions of images i've upload here. In the next weeks i will go through some street photography shots i've taken with the D90 in the last two month and will upload the best there. Another place to take a look at this image will be with the gallery feature here, where i collect some of the work to present it here.

If you are interested feel free to visit the stream and leave a comment. Don't wonder if i add you there as a friend after commenting. Maybe some of the future shots will be for contacts and friends only.

A little preview:

Hochwasser in Düsseldorf


A note for people who want to add me to their contact list - if you just add my because i commented on one of your photos there is only a very limited chance that i add you as well (especially if i've never read your nick before). I don't want to have thousands of contacts.

Please be not disappointed if i don't add you right away. My contact list is becoming larger in the last time and it's sometimes not easy to keep up. But if i recognize your comments i will add you as well!

Something more i have to say. From time to time i go through my list and remove some names. If i don't see a comment by a contact over some time, who himself keep uploading one image after another there is a good chance i will hit the remove button. Sorry about that, but i want to be fair to my contacts who visit and comment.

Sooo .... Thank you very much for your attention and interest to read all this!

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    MiaSaraFina says:

    "Chris is an exellent photographer he just has the knowlege to capture things a different way with his camera. Bringing the every day live in a view which makes it look a lot more than just a think or just a captured moment. His pictures have got heart that is what I like about them. His photostream inspires me every time again and again. It is superbly taken, with a great talent. Looking forward to very upload from him, viewing the pic´s and learning from them. It is a truly an awesome experience. Keep up the very good work"

    February 26th, 2010

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    Vanpaul2 says:

    "Chris is a true friend and a talented photographer - His work is very strong and precise. A pleasure to visit his photo stream and see what new and exciting things he is will create - Thank you for your comments and encouragement."

    June 10th, 2009

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    La ciudad visible (moving my residence to) says:

    "Ladies and Gentelmans let me introduce Chris
    Chris gives me many reasons why It's nice to visit his photostream.
    The attention to colours and detail are fabulous. There has been many a time that I wish I could sit in those pictures!. There is no true definition to describe this person; simply to tell you that he is a true Artist….. a great Flickr mate"

    May 25th, 2009

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