currently not active : in the hospital since march 13,2015 to present

Hello everybody! just call me Spice.
i love photography and i enjoy taking in a wide variety of categories,
i hope you'll find something you like in my collections.
thanks for the visit ♥

Images. Videos. Music.

My photos are available for licensing through


Crezalyn Nerona Uratsuji (aka Spice) was born in Laguna Philippines in 1980 but has since relocated to Saitama, Japan, where she lives happily married. Spice's interest in photography began by taking random pictures of her family and friends and has since grown gradually from something she liked to do into a passion. Her skills have flourished has she has refined her photographic interests in nature and landscape imagery, as inspired by the brilliant scenery of spring and summer. She is a Getty Images Curator and a Web Photojournalist. Spice was voted by Beyond the Facts to be the most passionate, artistic and creative photographer for the second quarter of 2008. Spice is trilingual and teaches Tagalog/Filipino and Japanese online to aspiring linguists. Her favorite color is blue, although it in no way defines the rainbow nature of her work

~written by Beyondthefacts, author

感じるようになりました。 とても素敵な事ですね★

♥I like to think I'm a fun person,
easy going and Real easy to talking,
I really love putting a smile on someone face (^o^)

If you wanna join in my group,
just visit the link below :

note: Rule breakers will be removed and banned it only takes
time to trace them all,so if you wanna join, please be sure
that you are willing to follow the rules(if there's any).
if you think you can't. then you must select the one without any rules

Because of having not enough time to check and moderate the group i promote my most active and trusted moderators to become admin and to take care of the following groups:
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I listed almost all of my equipment here,to make it easy when somebody ask me about my gear etc. so i can easily link them here,sorry if you find it crazy i am just too lazy to type everytime i need to reply (^_^;)

Canon EOS 5D MarkⅢ (NEW)
Canon EOS 5D MarkⅡ
Canon EOS 7D
Canon EOS Kiss X4

EF15mm F2.8 Fisheye
EF24mm F1.4LⅡ USM
EF35mm F2.0 IS USM (NEW)
EF50mm F1.4 USM
EF85mm F1.8 USM
EF100mm F2.8L macro IS USM
EF16 - 35mm F2.8LⅡ USM
EF24 - 105mm F4L IS USM
EF70 - 200mm F4L IS USM
EF70 - 200mm F2.8L IS Ⅱ USM
EF-S10 - 22mm F3.5 - 4.5 USM
EF-S18 - 55mm F3.5 - 5.6 IS
EF-S55 - 250mm F4 - 5.6 IS

baby Rheina using these :)
Sony α5100 (ILCE-5100)
Canon Powershot G12
Canon Powershot SX700 HS
Canon Powershot SX130 IS
Canon Ixy 10S
Casio Exilim ZR15

Samsung Galaxy S2
NEC N906iu
Apple Ipad2

Canon EOS 5D
Canon EOS 50D
Canon EOS Kiss X3
Canon EOS Kiss X2
Canon EOS Kiss Digital
Canon EOS D30
Canon IXY Digital 600
Canon Power Shot S45
Canon Powershot S20

EF24mm F1.4L USM
EF100mm F2.8 USM macro
EF100mm F2.8 macro
EF300mm F4L USM
EF17-35mm F2.8L USM
EF28-70mm F2.8L USM
EF28-105mm F3.5-4.5 USM
EF70 - 300mm F4.5 - 5.6 DO IS USM

Kenko PRO SOFTON(B) 77mm
Kenko PRO SOFTON(B) 67mm
Kenko FOGGY (B) 67mm
Kenko WIDE BAND C-PL (W) 82mm
HAKUBA WPC WIDE Circular PL 77mm

Kenko MC SKYLIGHT 1(B) 58mm
HAKUBA SMCP WIDE Lens Guard 58mm

Velbon PH-250
Velbon PH-50
Velbon Light D25-D

Extender EF2× Ⅲ
Extender EF2×
Canon BG-E7 Battery Grip
Canon BG-E11 Battery Grip
Canon RC-5
DP Pro Low Pass Filter Cleaner

I love seeing work of a different people from around the world with a different styles and techniques. It serves me as an inspiration and give some new ideas.

I appreciate all your visit,favorites,comments and for adding me
as one of your contacts/family or friends (^_^)


on march 06,2009 my mother died (53)
my father also died june 05,2011 (60)

sorry but i will not be able to reply all the messages,starting today.
i just really can't concentrate in everything i do,
i hope for your kindly considerations...


All images are protected by copyright laws and are the sole property of Crezalyn Nerona Uratsuji. Using any images without written permission is illegal and punishable by law


© copyright 2003-2015 Crezalyn Nerona Uratsuji

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    Kalai Sukanta says:

    "What to say !!
    She is just "fantastic artist." I call her sister. She has been very kind in helping regarding photographic subjects. Her works are all results of her hard-work. She is a fine artist I can say. Thank you "sis" for helping me in need and I always enjoys your photos. Hope to see limitless works of yours and meet some day."

    March 23rd, 2014

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    Archibonarrigo says:

    ""Piace tantissimo perchè riesce sempre a sorprendermi con la
    semplicità e la profondità dei suoi meravigliosi scatti.

    La fotografia non mostra la realtà, mostra l'idea che se ne ha.
    (Neil Leifer)""

    August 25th, 2013

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    Sarah Abdurrahman says:

    "Hello ❤❤
    At first I honestly do not know your art descriptor
    People honest, because you entered in the field of imaging accurately and with high quality
    Excelled in all the pictures I can not speak more than one way for you all talk a little in your right
    But what I can say is you are creative to the greatest extent
    I love following you and follow you to the new
    I also love your creativity View"

    March 25th, 2012

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    photographac says:

    "Hello, just stopping by to write you a testimonial !
    I enjoyed your page a lot, Keep it up and you will go far.

    check out my work if you have time!

    Thank you !

    March 12th, 2012

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    Sekou Welle says:

    "God bless her, she is an fantastic photographer, super open, she deserves everything she needs!

    Take care!"

    March 23rd, 2011

  • view profile

    Faye Reyes says:

    "Maybe today is not really the right time to write a testimonial for Spice because of what happening in Japan right now but I can't help to write one for her because her photos and skill in photography is breathtaking. Her style is unique too. We're both Filipina and I'm really proud. I never met her but I think she's a nice person. Her photos really really inspired me to practice and practice more of photography. There's a smile on my face everytime I see the pictures she's taken. Spice, continue to inspire lots of aspiring photographers like me and I hope I can see more of your amazing shots. And most importantly, be safe there and also your love ones. I'll pray for the safety of Japan. Always keep the faith."

    March 14th, 2011

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    Knorpelglatze says:

    "Compliment to your phantastic photo´s. I LOVE your bunny pics.
    Hope more will follow. I have 2 Bunnies at home."

    February 4th, 2011

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    Lucky-Antonio says:

    "What can I say about Spice.

    I firstly want to say that I adore Spice's pictures! I love how she shows us the world through the lens of her camera! As seen by our eyes! Her stream is full of beauty!
    I've met Spice recently here on Flickr, but it feels like I've met her ages ago! She seems to have a natural talent for photography! In short time I've been amazed by her creativity, talent and friendliness. She has true potential!
    Spice has that rare ability to perfectly capture nature! I love watching her stream!

    And now I feel the urge to write this testimonial!

    I have never met Spice in a real life, but I'm convinced that she is a well-experienced photographer!
    You always impress me, Spice! Thank you for your amazing work! Keep up good work! I look forward to seeing more from you in the future!"

    November 28th, 2010

  • view profile

    Shane..... says:

    "Your photos a super Spice you have a great eye for detail and you are a master photographer with outstanding images your photostream is incredible job well done friend"

    November 8th, 2010

  • view profile

    The Bicktor's says:

    "Hola, soy de Mexicali Baja California Mexico he visto todas tus fotografías y me paresen impresionantes, un placer mirar toda tu galeria, haces un estupendo trabajo. Felicidades
    atte: Victor M."

    May 3rd, 2010

  • view profile

    john5438 says:

    "I love the way that you present the world!"

    April 30th, 2010

  • view profile

    chuck_wilson62 says:

    "SO sorry for your lost my condolances go out to you and your family."

    March 29th, 2010

  • view profile

    rcbodden says:

    "One awesome photographer!!"

    November 30th, 2009

  • view profile

    Billy Cadiz -sorry bz.. can't visit your site guys says:

    "Ang GALING!! haha! humanga po tlga ko sa iyong talento te!!
    Enjoy & Godspeed!!!

    September 24th, 2009

  • view profile

    A M I R © says:

    "GOD bless your mother.
    Keep going ahead,
    Take care."

    September 14th, 2009

  • view profile

    rob_valine says:

    "It is an honor and a pleasure to add such a gifted photographer to my contacts list. Spice's passion for photography is evident in her work. From the first time I viewed her photostream, I couldn't stop looking at her photos until I had seen all of them. Each page that I viewed had something just as amazing as the previous page. I've seen countless numbers of photographers on Flickr. It's rare that I come across someone with such ceative talent. Thanks for adding me to your contact list and thanks for being a friend.

    Rob Valine"

    September 4th, 2009

  • view profile

    sd_imaging ~~ GL everyone.Please see profile says:

    "Spice your photos are AMAZING!!! You have some of the most creative I have seen on flickr and your colors are so sharp and vivid..Thank you so much for sharing with us.. ;o)"

    July 23rd, 2009

  • view profile

    erikomoket says:

    "Spice "She is a charming photographer,

    Spiceさん 貴女とFlickrで出会えた事がとっても嬉しく思ってます。
    私のギャラリー『High Quality Images』を設けて下さったのが切っ掛けで世界のFlickrの中、貴女の存在を知り、素晴らしい作品の数々も


    June 25th, 2009

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    HenryLeongHimWoh says:

    "Beautiful pictures my friend!"

    June 12th, 2009

  • view profile

    Bitter-Sweet-Symphony says:

    "Now I believe this is going to be rather difficult to try and put into words how much of an inspiration spice is....without saying the same thing as anybody else.
    But for me, spice is, in a word, breathtaking.......
    If you ever have a down day.....please…..just have a look at spice's stream, and I will guarantee you will come away feeling light-headed with joy.
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for making me one of your contacts."

    December 15th, 2008

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    i n d y . i s k a n d a r . i m a g e s . says:

    "It is a truly beautiful experience going through Spice's photo stream. She has an excellent eyes for detail and composition. She will show you the world through her eyes superbly and knowing how to take a good photos with such a good talent you will always be impressed.

    There is a lot of good photos and photographers on flickrland and she is definitely one of them. Keep up a good work my dear friend and happy shooting."

    December 4th, 2008

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    Sayid Budhi says:

    "as i remembered, you're my first flickr contanct/friend..., i was insipired by your master of art, i always try to learn more about photograph and make some photo from yours as my fave.

    You're my best GURU in Flickr.
    Please visit to my flickr and put some critiques and advice, so i will try the best to follow your work...

    Best Regard
    Doc Budie

    September 13th, 2008

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    albatros11 (Samir Bzk) says:

    "Explorez la galerie de spice vous y trouverez des trésors"

    August 26th, 2008

  • view profile

    deshan photo gallery says:

    "Every once in a while, a rare talent emrges upon the scene...whether it is music, art, education, philosophy, photography,etc! Spice is such a talent. She is Inspiring, intelligent, friendly, and full of photographic energy. I have been a constant member of a few of the groups she founded here on flickr,and find them to be quite well managed.
    But back to her talent as a photographer..she is unique in her style and inspiring in her touch! I admire her work, but especially I admire her as a unique talent. Keep bringing to flickr the great images of your world, spice! We are all better for knowing you!"

    August 11th, 2008

  • view profile

    From Cams Eye says:

    "Spice is a superb photographer with a magnificent gallery of images. sHe captures it all well, . All of them receive the "magic touch" through the lens of HER camera and transform into works of art. Shes not only a great photographer, but also one of the kindest, most generous people I have met on Flickr. Thank you, for the joy of your p0hotos!"

    April 15th, 2008

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    "Cool, very cool !"

    April 12th, 2008

  • view profile

    Klaus Franck☮ says:

    "Spice is a very talented photographer, and I'm deeply grateful that I might view her works here. More than that, she is such a lovely friend to encounter."

    March 22nd, 2008

  • view profile

    Iva T. says:

    "To me, it does not strictly matter for photos to be technically perfect. I prefer looking at captures that leave me breatless, that are somewhat or pretty much different than the usual and that is exactly what ♥Spice is doing. I could never be bored from looking at her photos and the joyful and humorous outlook to life. This is the photostream I go to when I need both inspiration and brightening up!"

    March 18th, 2008

  • view profile

    anujia says:

    "She is just an amazing photographer! Best wishes...:)"

    February 20th, 2008

  • view profile

    KalBhairab says:

    "I am a big flickr fan of Spice. She takes fantastic pictures and has opened few interesting groups. Keep it coming Spice !"

    December 26th, 2007

  • view profile

    gary syrba says:

    "While there are many, many great photographers here on Flickr, rarely are their photos consistently good enough to constantly draw my attention. There are some exceptions to this, and Spice is one of those exceptions. If you take the time to browse through her photostream one thing will stand out.... All of her photos are full of vibrancy! And I'm not just talking about vibrant colors (which are very much there). I'm talking about vibrant and full of life and fun! She is one of those photographers who take photos through her heart as much as through her eye. Her photos always leave me with a smile, and I'm sure they will leave you smiling too!"

    December 22nd, 2007

  • view profile

    K. Linehan says:

    "Spice is a fantastic friend here in Flickrland and a phenomenal photographer with an eye for beauty!! Her works are truly inspiring!! Take some time to view her images and you will see just what I mean!!"

    November 2nd, 2007

  • view profile

    Natural African Girl says:

    "I look at spices photographs every day and they are just beautiful.
    The colours are amazing."

    October 25th, 2007

  • view profile


    "Spice has imaginationa and talent! She has awonderful photostream filled with wonder. You can tell when someone really loves what they do and you can see that in Spice's photos. Heart!


    October 19th, 2007

  • view profile

    Naxief says:

    "“Spice” is very talented Photographer with an incredible EYE… Her farfetched pictures are the lessons for every immature photographer."

    October 17th, 2007

  • view profile

    Jessica Bee says:

    "Spice is a very talented young photographer, and very kind.. I like her photostream."

    September 6th, 2007

  • view profile

    Poofy says:

    "Spice is a really talented photographer. She takes the most amazing photos. I love her style in photography. Be careful you don't get lost in her photo stream! :) Best of luck Spice!"

    July 2nd, 2007

  • view profile

    Halit Volkan Cengiz says:

    "Very Very Cute Girl..Nice to meet to her..."

    June 22nd, 2007

Crezalyn Nerona Uratsuji
May 2007
Siniloan,Laguna Philippines
Kasukabe Shi , Saitama Prefecture, Japan
I am:
Female and Taken
Getty Images Curator (Flickr/Moment,iStock and Video)