I am a reclusive Visual Artist (photography, videography, painting in oil, alkyds and acrylic paints). This is my naked selfie project number two. I am 74 years old (November 2018). FREE NUDE PHOTOS. You are welcome to download and share nude photos of me. Post me nude... put my naked body on your photostream if you want more views. Repost me naked anywhere. Be sure to title the photo so the search engine knows what it is... eg. Naked Artist David Silvercloud. Remember, nude photos must be marked RESTRICTED in your settings before upload. But, if you want views, post David Silvercloud's Penis and Testicles and they will come. Couldn't resist the pun. Go nuts. I try to let go of all inhibitions... by definition, they inhibit you. You MUST sign in to see my penis and testicles. While I'm above ground I keep a homepage at ButchNaked.com


Under the new rules, this photostream is full. I don't need online storage and post photos to give them away for free so I won't ever be using the PRO version. I am not going to pay to give away my photos nor content. I provide content for free. THIS PHOTOSTREAM IS FULL AND NO MORE PHOTOS WILL BE ADDED.

I keep an original photostream at


I'm reclusive, live alone and keep busy painting. I'm queer and love sucking guys off or fucking them. I can be picky but love taking the load of a guy who turns me on.

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  • JoinedNovember 2018
  • OccupationVisual Artist
  • HometownVancouver
  • Current cityVancouver
  • CountryCanada


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