I primarily take three kinds of photos: industrial landscapes (inspired by the Bechers, Burtynsky, etc.), rephotography (a'la Christian Boltanski, et. al.), and -- most of all -- photos intended to try to look like paintings (especially color field and abstract expressionist paintings, but work that is a second level interpretation painterly photography filtered through Gerhard Richter's photography inspired paintings). The work of David Maisel also influences both the industrial interpretations and the painterly ones. I consider the frozen-motion work I do to be a hybrid of my interest in industrial and commercial landscapes, and in painterly photography.


All the blurring, warping, and other image manipulation is done in-camera unless otherwise noted. I also do photo montage and collage, primarily in photoshop these days, but I've been feeling the urge to bust out the X-acto knife again lately.


I also sometimes do event photography, and band / live concert photos.

If you'd like me to shoot your band, feel free to contact me. My requirements are fairly simple: (a) I must find your music interesting, and (b) I must enjoy your company. (You can, however, pay me huge amounts of money to overcome either or both of those, if you so desire.)


c.f. www.bugaj.com & lhooqtius.blogspot.com

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