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You may know me as The Checkers Speech from the RPM Challenge, or DJ CheckersSpeech Low in Second Life ...


I'm in Texas, I don't travel much, and I've just got point-and-shoot cameras, so I'm not pretending to be a photographic artiste. I just like to document life as I know it, and my little corner of existence. Then you can compare my perspective to your own, if you choose.


One more note: If you're in Iceland, and you're wondering why I have so many Icelandic contacts, well, it's because I tag every Icelander I come across here on Flickr. Why? Because: 1) You have some of the most scenic landscapes in the world, but mostly: 2) Icelanders, who are famous for rivaling the Asians for being gadget-crazy, have some of the best photo equipment, and thus post some of the most breathtaking photos on Flickr. I've never seen an Icelander on Flickr who posts anything less than superior photographs! Stacking my contact list with folks from The Land of Fire and Ice is the surest way to ensure that a steady stream of excellent photographs is brought to my attention.


Oh, and also the people of Iceland are just *cool*, figuratively and not just literally, so it's always fun to see what they're up to.




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