WARNING: geek with a camera. I believe in being completely in the moment, and have no desire to change or control the future. I am disgusted with the narcissism and arrogance of human egotism and ambition. look what it has done to the planet, and humanity, enough is enough already! Its all really just fear of the unknown, and there is no truth or love in fear and I for one will not be fears whore. I have the courage to be vulnerable and do as the 4 wise men(John,Paul,George and Ringo) advise, LET IT BE! Anyway, I'm just kind of a geeky nature lover. My friends have called me a "living encyclopedia". I just love to collect lodes of more or less useless information about everything ranging from birds,plants, geology to astronomy,etc. the Truth is very important to me, although the more I know about it, the less I know, if you know what I mean. Or as some Greek guy once said "I know that I know nothing". "The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool " as some English guy once said. The people I admire most are Albert Einstein and Siddhartha Gautama because of their courage to challenge the egotistical assumptions of human reality and seek REAL truth. See, I told you I was a geek and I've found flickr the perfect place to express my geekdum. I really don't think most of my photos are that great, and certainly don't have much artistic merit, but rather I try to use them to tell a story. Every photo is a journey, both in how I got to that place at that particular time, and the inner journey of how I became aware of what ever it is that I am photographing and got inspired to take it. So why do if feel the need to take all these photos, and post them here for the world to see anyway. I guess if I can just inspire someone out there to wonder at the beauty of this world, and live in gratitude of it, maybe it will make me feel like there is some kind of purpose to all my aimless wanderings, not that I have ever really needed one. I think I have just gotten to the point in my life that I have to find a way to get all the stuff in my head out and do something with it, least it drive me mad! Geek rant over.

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Bryant Olsen
January 2008
Somewhere in the Milkyway Galaxy?
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
I am:
Male and Single
Gardener, and I work at a Library too.