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I'm an adult-onset photographer. Most of my life it was what I did for pleasure. Now, it's what I do. What a pleasure.

I live in Seattle, in an area called Belltown. It's the northwest corner of the city (right here), which is in the northwest corner of the U.S. Some folks think we're really far away. We're not, they are. Some folks think it rains a lot here. Maybe, but a lot less than any city on the east coast.

We have a great music scene in Seattle. Musicians in performance are my main subjects. We also have three National Parks visible from downtown, and they're all day-trips. So, I spend a fair amount of time photographing the natural world, as well. This is the work I feature on my website, bruce c moore photographic. Many, but not all, of the images on my site are scattered through my stream.

The Belltown Bent is my blog. It's about pictures, too, but with a little editorializing on the side. It's about my view from here, literally and figuratively, and it's fairly random and nominally regular. Drop by. Comments are as appreciated there as they are here.

Flickr! is a trip. It's as much about community as it is about pictures. I enjoy the interaction and the discovery. I'm constantly inspired, by the work of others, to review my images, and to shoot new ones, within the context of the many groups and discussions. I've made connections with people all over the world. The way we see reveals what we have in common. I feature the work of other flickr photographers on other's eyes, a serial exploration of the flickr stream.

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    Waking-Dream says:

    "Bruce's photographs cut to the chase immediately; it takes but an instant to discern the messages and stories within them. Seeing them again is like rereading a classic novel that mirrors our own life. I'm glad to have met him; his work and dedication to quality is an inspiration to me."

    September 21st, 2007

Bruce Moore
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