We are currently moving our warehouse and are suspending prop rentals until further notice. Sorry for the inconvienence.

properties rental conditions

The Berkeley Repertory Theatre (BRT) properties department rents to reputable individuals from theatre organizations in the Bay Area and around the country. This is done at BRT’s discretion and when it is not in conflict with responsibilities of the theatre or its current production.

Below are the guidelines for such rentals.

Appointments to view, pick up and return rental items must be made in advance by phone and must occur during regular work hours/days. During tech weeks rentals and returns may be suspended at the prop manager’s discresion. All appointments need to be made AND confirmed 24 hours in advance minimum, no exceptions. Please call if you are delayed for more than 15 minutes. If you are ½ an hour late your appointment will be cancelled and you will need to reschedule.

pulling fee

A one-time charge of $10.00 will be charged for each rental regardless of the number of items rented. There is no fee for looking at or tagging items; however, an appointment is necessary.

rental fees
Rental fees are to be paid at the time of the rental. Each item has an assigned value. The standard rental fee is 10% for the first week of the basic four-week period, 5% each for the second and third weeks and free for the fourth week.
Following the fourth week the cycle would repeat itself until the item is returned. This fee is separate from the pulling fee and the deposit. Payments should be made in cash or by check, preferably from the producing organization. BRT does not take credit cards for rental fees or deposits.

A deposit and/or other proof of insurance will be required at the time of rental. The deposit will be for the full value of the item/s and usually consists of a check which is held until the item/s is returned. The deposit will be used to replace items not returned or towards repair of item/s returned damaged. No personal checks or credit cards can be accepted for the deposit. Checks should be from the producing organization made out to Berkeley Repertory Theatre. If the deposit is paid in cash, it will be kept in a sealed envelope until the item’s return.

The renter assumes all financial reponsibility for the replacement value of any lost, stolen or damaged item as well as any costs incurred by BRT for the repair or cleaning of any itmes, should they be returned in a condition unacceptable to BRT. Please see the “deposit” section above.

The moving, handling or shipping of any items are the renter’s responsibility. Shipped items must be adequately packed and insured. The renter is responsible for providing any and all materials necessary to transport rented props. This may include, but is not limited to: packing blankets, rope, boxes, bubble wrap, newspaper, etc. If the appropriate materials to transport props safely are not provided by the renter, ESPECIALLY for rented furniture, BRT reserves the right to refuse the rental agreement. BRT does not guarantee labor available to move rented items. The renter is entirely responsible for loading and unloading any items and should bring enough people to do so.

No alterations, including but not limited to dyeing, upholstering, or painting, shall be made to rented properties without written permission from BRT.

BRT does not rent weapons of any sort nor do we rent foliage of any sort.

BRT should be credited for its help where appropriate.

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