Recently moved to Nova Scotia. My photos are usually marked Creative Commons Attribution, free for you to use with credit.


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tehloki says:

brownpau is a brown pau.

March 15, 2009

Brown is an all around nice guy, handsome as all get out and has a lovely and talented wife. In other words: I hate him ;)

July 24, 2007

Never in my life have I known anyone so kind and sincere, loving and affectionate toward animals. Never has one man touched my life so fondly and with such tenacity. That man is Broanpaul.

November 24, 2005
Valerie says:

I've known Pau for...what...almost three years now, I think, and in all that time he's never stressed me out. And really, how many people do you know that can you say that about?

July 28, 2005
riffola says:

bp has the grace of the east and the guile of the west. um er he's HAWT!

December 22, 2004
wyclif says:

As well as being a nice guy, Paulo does *not* resemble Barry Manilow at all. Not at all.

September 30, 2004