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About Me:
My name is Brittanie, I'm a self taught artist that works mostly in photography and illustration. I'm also a writer of free-verse poetry and dabble in various other mediums in attempt to create what I see in my mind. You can follow my diary to know more about me personally.

About My Photography:
My photos ground me and my art in reality, finding meaning where it is often missed, or creating one. I like to take photographs of things that people don’t often notice or appreciate fully, the “beauty in the mundane.” I photograph a variety of subjects, most notably landscapes and the scenes from a girl’s life in the South. Many of these scenes are self portraits. Nature and dilapidation also inspire me.

if you have any questions about potential work, prints, or other inquiries, please send me a mail (beyourpet@gmail.com).
If you'd like to feature my work, please be sure to include a crediting link to my profile or site, and send me a mail to let me know. ♥

Write to me at:
Brittanie Pendleton
PO Box 984
22974 USA

link :

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Testimonials (8)

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    聖戦 says:

    "Brittanie Pendleton (BEYOURPET)'s gallery of work is quite impressive. Her photos are intimate, yet mysterious. Her drawings are morbid, but still have a very cute and innocent feel to them.

    Brit is one of my favorite people. She is a talented, sweet, and beautiful individual. We have lots in common and I enjoy every conversation I get to have with her."

    17th January, 2011

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    sheclimbeddownthetree says:

    "A brilliant artist both as creator and muse. BEYOURPET mixes gamine sensibilities with hints to a darker nature. Her work has inspired me for years. Beautiful in everything she does."

    11th January, 2011

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    pitusinha says:

    "Brittanie's work is beautiful and ethereal, both in her photography as well as traditional artwork. She has an eye for beauty and is able to translate difficult themes into impeccable works of art. I wish her much more success in the future!"

    11th January, 2011

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    /3 says:

    "She makes pictures that prove people can still feel real feelings. Provocative in style, but genuine in the realest way. An eye that tells a thousand stories, and an introspective angle that helps a photograph demand a few more minutes of your time.

    For certain, Brittanie is a human with a crystal clear understanding of what art really is."

    15th October, 2010

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    violet-woods says:

    "Brittanie Pendleton is a fantastic photographer - as well as artist
    Her images remind me of a surreal film, or landscape.
    And evoke meaning or thought.
    Its very rare, and she is an absolutely beautiful girl inside and out and she needs to be more well known, i admire this girl to death"

    13th October, 2010

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    Makoto Lunasea says:

    "Brittanie has been a big influence in my work, and his internet presence has become a beautiful thing to me since we met.
    Has been years and everything she creates is precious, all the simbology and themes she capture in her pictures are exactly when you imagine things while reading a book that you love.."

    13th October, 2010

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    the girl who tamed the tiger says:

    "you're like a little muse for me; you've got a mysterious alluring depth around you in your photos. i wish i could be in a picture with you together. ♥"

    14th October, 2010

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    Make Studio | Marty Coleman says:

    "BEYOURPET has great courage, she faces us, and thus herself, and thus her fears. But it's isn't just about fear. She loves and has vision as well, she is confident in her eye and creative in her mind, so she tries stuff and tries again. She is and will be exactly who she wants to be as a result. That is a rare person.

    I wrote that paragraph over 5 years ago when I first met her on flickr. Life has taught her much in the intervening years and she has become that fantastically creative and compelling adult I was predicting she would become! I am very proud of her and very happy to know I got connected to such a person so early in her life."

    14th October, 2010

Brittanie Pendleton
June 2010
Virginia, US
I am:
Female and Taken
beyourpet [at] gmail.com