Don't let the "pro" fool you up there -- I am not a professional photographer. I took some classes in high school and ruined a lot of film. Also, there was something about a Rule of Thirds.


My philosophy now is to take a lot of photos and hope a couple of them turn out to be somethin' special. Sometimes, it works.


Cameras [ab]used in the making of this library:

iPhone 4S

Canon Powershot SD790IS [Main family camera].

Kodak EasyShare C630 [impulse buy].


Cameras Emeritus:

IPhone 4

IPhone 3GS

LG Lotus LX600

Samsung m510 [cameraphone]

Sanyo PM-8200 [cameraphone]

Canon Powershot SD600

Olympus D-40ZOOM

Some Minolta 35MM P&S

Kodak 126 P&S

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