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Born in Slovenia, derailed in Ohio for most of my life, before returning permanently to Slovenia in May 2004. I travel lots and often, and make a living writing about sports, wine, politics and travel, and do quite a bit of editing as well.

Beograd 01
Belgrade, May 2007

What you'll find here spans the gamut, from quick travel snaps to images I spend more (perhaps too much) time with. Some are simply here as a reference to a certain place at a certain moment, some as stock images for those in search of something very specific, while others are waiting patiently to one day fill a niche on my blog, piran café. When time permits, I've also been organizing and uploading some photos and slides from travel and events from the 1990s, mainly to help jar some fading memories for a book project.

There's lots to wade through here, so a good place to start --should you choose too-- is here. If you prefer to browse geographically, start here. I'm fairly anal about tagging, so if your mind works remotely similar to mine, go here.

Yes, you should visit my blog, piran café.

fist and rose (Oslo 17)
Oslo, June 2007

Besides vino, sushi is high on my list of favorites. So is canoeing. I've never bought into Bush's Culture of Fear, and my primary goal is to live life as Kurt Vonnegut has -- and may his soul receive all the just rewards it so richly deserves.

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Kawangware 23
Nairobi, March 2007

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    Ragstatic says:

    "I love Bob's photo's. they are unique in my friends list. he shows the world the way it is and his POVs are journalistic . Thanks for sharing the world Bob . Some day I hope to visit you."

    January 19th, 2008

December 2005
Ljubljana, Slovenia
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