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World Champion 2010/2011

Gold Medal 2010 Bronze Medal 2008 Gold Medal 2007

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Camera Equipment:-

Currently I am using a Canon Powershot G16 and WP-DC52 housing with Fantasea Nano Focus Light and Inon UCL-165 close up lenses using Deeproof M67 Mount Base.

For more G16 setup photos Click Here

Between Jan 08 to Dec 12, I used a Canon Powershot G9 and WP-DC21 housing with a DIY modification to allow me to fit filters and Inon UCL-165 macro lens. Click For Details

Before Jan 08, I used a Canon G7 with modified WP-DC11 housing

Between Apr 05 and Feb 07 the photos were taken with a Canon Powershot A70 with Canon WP-DC700 housing.

Prior to this I used a Nikon Coolpix 990 in Ikelite housing with Ikelite Pro Video-Lite.

It cost a fortune,scared the fish, weighed 9Kg and gave me tendonitis in my wrists. Consequently I have now limited myself to small camera systems with acceptable underwater performance using only the internal flash.
Whilst this approach has it's limitations it gives me greater freedom underwater and provides me with the challenge to try and do as well as those with expensive DSLR systems the size of spaceships and the performance of the Hubble telescope.

BrianMayes. Get yours at

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Reeflections Reeflections offers underwater digital photo Workshops on Maui, private photo dives, and sales of Ikelite products.

Moussetitik's photos Feel free to scroll though my gallery, jump from one country to another one, on the dry or below the waves. I promise great encounters, a rainbow of colours and natural wonders. Happy wandering!

Mona and Chris' travelblog Our world travels : Topside and underwater. Be part of our travels, lay back and enjoy our stories, photos, videos and wallpapers from all over the world. Take a plunge into the big blue and discover our underwater world. Happy reading!

Jim C's Underwater & Topside Photography
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    Rico Besserdich says:

    "When Brian Mayes got awarded as "World Champion 2010" at (UWP) he posted to his Facebook wall that he always believed, only photographers with tons of uw photo equipment and thousands of bored dollars on the bank account ( well, that's my free interpretation ) can become world winners.

    When I readed this, I thought by myself "well, he probably has some similiar stuff as me : A normal mid-class D-SLR, normal housing, 1 or 2 strobes and that's it". Nothing too fancy, but good and sufficent.

    Now I see, that "Champ Mayes" took all this great pics with compact camera systems ! This improves for me personally the value of Brian's abilities and my respect is now even bigger.

    For ages, I am teaching my students that the photographer shoot the pics, not the camera. Well, here again, Brian proofed it. If Brian Mayes shoot this winning photos with a compact camera, we all others should safe our money and buy our darlings some flowers instead of lurking around photography equipment we see again : making it big, heavy & expensive is not the key to success :-))

    I unfortunetly didn't had the honor to meet Brian Mayes personally, yet, but during our "virtual" contacts I discovered him as a nice character with a great sense of humour. Quality of his underwater photos are defenitly far beyond the standard and Brian is a inspiration for all of us and it feels good to have him as buddy and familiy member of the blue planet. I wish you the very best, "Champ Mayes" !

    Izmir/Turkey -3rd February 2011

    Rico Besserdich

    Head of the Underwater Photography Department
    Association of Fine Arts Photography (IFOD), Izmir-Turkey

    CMAS Underwater Photography Instructor
    CMAS/BARAKUDA Instructor Trainer ( Moniteur 3 ) Site Moderator
    Underwater Photographer"

    February 3rd, 2011

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    Jeff de Guzman says:

    "Until today, I don't know how Brian manages to take images far sharper and better than my DSLR camera and strobes. Did I forget to mention he does not use an External strobe! But his ability to light up his subjects are to die for. Aside from being a wonderful and talented underwater photographer. Brian is one of the nicest guys I've ever met in my life. Truly an Honor and Pleasure to call you my friend."

    September 18th, 2008

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    Matava - Fiji's Premier Eco Adventure Resort says:

    "Brilliant underwater shots from Fiji!


    Mad Fish Dive Centre
    Fiji Islands"

    July 5th, 2007

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