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Publications, postings, and exhibits where my work can be seen:

CNN television feature

Gallery Exhibition July 20, 2012

CNN iReport feature, July 2012:

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B+W Photography Magazine (April 2011 issue)

Untitled III: This is Street Art
Untitled.III: This Is Street Art

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Jazzy Trip, Vol 2

Detroit Free Press

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Pure Detroit

Press Release - December 9 - January 15 (Studio Couture: Detroit)

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Distilled B+W Exhibit | March - July 2011 | Toronto, Canada

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Woodbridge Exhibition

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    sandracanning says:

    "Detroit, beauty, darkness, light, hope, soul, song, and awe. Pure unadulterated, awe. These are the feelings and words that stir inside when you see Brian's work. The man is a TRUE artist. A very rare type of photographer, and yes an artist."

    August 1st, 2015

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    catklein says:

    "Seriously one of the very best photographers I have ever seen. He makes me gasp on a regular basis.

    Add him now. You will not regret it."

    November 2nd, 2011

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    Connate says:

    "One look at brian's stream and you know he stands out from the rest- uniquness, creativity and the depth behind it. Brian's photographs thrilled me from the start- It is a privilege to see some of his visions and perceptions on the world. Keep shooting mate!"

    July 26th, 2011

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    vetbonkie says:

    "Brianday, what can I say…..
    This man’s work is soo overrated it bemuses me, most of his work is out of focus, has a serious lack of good composure and realistic coulors are hard to find, to put it short, it’s totally crap and should be taken of Flickr instantly.
    In fact there should be a law imposed that takes away this man the right to possess a camera, well at least a digital one so he can’t ceep anoying the Flickr community with his work.
    24 people before me wrote a testimonial, but people should know that 11 of them are related to him, 11 got money for it and one got blackmailed (me)
    But I refuse to give in, the truth must be told!
    Brianday is a fantastic photographer and an inspiration too many, keep it up dude!"

    July 21st, 2011

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    *HSF* says:

    "A legend in his own time. He inspires me, what a real Artists does. Inspires us all, in his own way. He Certainly knows what Photography's all about."

    June 27th, 2011

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    Olivier Burnside says:

    "Different class, amazing talent"

    May 15th, 2011

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    Spectral Convergence says:

    "Once in a great while, you have the chance to meet a true artist, and even rarer that the artist is an extraordinarily genuine and kind person. Brian embodies this. He has created a style of his own and his work is truly visionary, and will stand the test of time.

    With a passion for his fellow man and causes beyond the everyday, Brian creates images that are thought-provoking, and stunningly beautiful, often with a deep-seated profoundness that only comes with wisdom and transcendental vision."

    May 11th, 2011

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    Bob Hallam says:

    "Brians, images are timeless art. The world is starting to see what I have seen for some time now. Powerful work with a calm stillness that draws you in. His genius is evident, in the skillful vision each image represents. I am amazed by the directions he takes, and the skill with which he communicates his art."

    May 7th, 2011

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    t does wool says:

    "There have been many things said about Brian's work...all true..
    awesome,genius,brilliant...the list goes on...
    I'm not saying those things today,not in that way...
    what I will say is that quietly,but powerfully this man continues to perfect his art,his work, with such skill, that it commands your attention, demands to be noticed and has the vision of becoming photography that will impress and be talked about and pondered over for a very long time. When you enter this stream, sit back,and enjoy the ride.....I do............and thank you,B~~~~~~~~x"

    May 6th, 2011

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    atomic ♥ queso says:

    "Brian is a true master. His photography is amazingly thought provoking, moving, and absolutely inspiring. He continues to outdo himself with every photo he posts, which blows my mind. I hope to one day have the honor of meeting and shooting with him. My words do not do his work justice."

    April 10th, 2011

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    Bhumika.B says:

    "Your photography is so powerful and out of this world. I really love your long exposure shots and composition. I wish i could click photographs like that. I really love your mono shots.
    I really adore your work. An inspiration!
    Much love,

    April 7th, 2011

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    DetroitDerek Photography ( ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ) says:

    "Welcome to the Real Deal folks. Brian's work is as thought-provoking as it is beautiful, and it's not uncommon to feel several different emotions while viewing a single image. One of the most inspirational of Detroit's photographers, his style is unmistakable and it's influence can be found in so many photographers ( in Detroit and elsewhere ) that frankly I've lost count. His work is can be summed up in 1 word. Powerful. Human. Artistic. Stimulating. Ok, maybe not 1 word but 1 word at a time. Now stop reading this and go back to viewing his mind-broadening and compelling images, it's time well spent."

    April 3rd, 2011

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    siggito says:

    "Henri Cartier-Bresson once said "What reinforces the content of a photograph is the sense of rhythm – the relationship between shapes and values". And I found it all in your photography.

    You are an inspiration, a story teller, a man with visions, an a mood that are hard to put words to.

    .brianday. is one of the few who delivers awesome photography EVERY SINGLE TIME he uploads. Be inspired!!

    Keep up the good work!
    Sigrid aka siggito"

    March 8th, 2011

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    Joel Tjintjelaar says:

    "Way overdue, but I don't write many testimonials. And if I do write them then it's because the artist is something special, has something unique to his work.
    Brian's work is unique and has something special. The way he plays with lights, shadows and contrasts reveals he has that mind's eye that's quintessential for an artist. The way he plays with black and white and all shades in between is simply masterful. B&W at its very best… Just take a look at his work.

    A suggestion for anyone new to his work: his SP's and street work are among the best ever!


    February 26th, 2011

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    VK3Photographix says:

    "I don't know if there is anyone who can evoke emotion like Brian does. He can shoot a long exposure of a beach, and it gives me chills. The technical detail in his photos is second to none. I used to get angry when I looked at his photos because they were just too good that I wanted to break my camera into pieces. However, over the past few months I've gotten the pleasure to hang with him at shows, and even shoot in his presence. Brian has to be the most genuinely nice dude I have ever met. You can't be angry at this guy. I mean that."

    January 27th, 2011

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    RCKM ©®™ says:

    "What can I say about this kat .. I just want to punch him because it makes no sense to be that brilliant!! LOL I mean that in a good way .. This man is a force to be reckoned with, with a camera .. The vast majority and when I say this I mean 99.999% of his work is something that you would see in ads,magazines or any part of the world .. He's just amazing!! Keep up the excellent work my friend!! We're all watching ..."

    January 20th, 2011

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    SweetMelVa says:

    "So many times I've thought about what exactly I've wanted to say about your work. What it comes down to, is that you have a wonderful eye for architecture, human compostion within an image, as well as the uncanny ablity to provoke emotion through your decayed surroundings, your body language and facial expressions.I find it amazing that even in black and white you can still feel the colors. Everyday I see a new and equally striking and inspirational image. Your quailty is unmatched and I find myself in awe of your consistency and technical perfection and processing magnificance. Sir YOU ROCK!I love your stream. Thank you for all your inspiration!"

    January 4th, 2011

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    .Stellar. says:

    "Brian, your b/w is so colorful.
    This is hands down Flickr's male master of b/w photography. He is the man with the mysterious face, always well-dressed, always classy, and tons of soulful. His blacks and whites all tell little stories, stories that belong in a world of their own. And we (the fan base) are the fortunate ones, because we get to catch glimpses and take part of this beautiful world that Brian creates. Above all though, he is a man and artist that I truly admire."

    December 5th, 2010

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    The Shutterbug Eye™ says:

    "Awe inspiring photography is what Brian creates. My words certainly won't do it justice. Every photo makes me pause and leaves me without words for a moment."

    November 30th, 2010

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    Robyn Hooz says:

    "Every photo from Brian will open a new door to a new world. It is so amazing to enter in those new worlds and let the light, atmosphere and composition guide to a sense of awe.
    I have learned so much by looking at Brian's album.

    His work is on the top!

    I am so glad to have him as a friendly contact and to see his comments on my stream: I value his opinion a lot.

    Thank you, Brian!"

    November 23rd, 2010

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    basiljonez (moving on) says:

    "have you ever met someone that is so gosh darned good at what they do you can't even begin to be jealous of all their talent and skill?

    if not please go meet Brian, an exceptional man who's photos have soul, integrity and that spark that makes you stop and stare

    much love

    November 23rd, 2010

  • view profile

    jhudgens says:

    "Brian has an incredible eye in capturing all of Detroit at it's grittiest but truly beautiful form. Urban decay has never been so intriguing and interesting to view. He is the master of self portraits which he makes look so easy to do. I am glad to have him as a contact and it's nice knowing a fellow metro Detroiter here on flickr. Keep up the awesome work!"

    August 3rd, 2010

  • view profile

    Sigi K ॐ says:

    " Brian has a gritty, unique and edgy undertone in his images. Most of the works are in BW and are based around urban scenes particularly areas of decay, neglect and ruin (around Detroit).
    Brian is often the focus of his own images mostly in a suit and tie sometimes sporting a briefcase and yet his features are not identifiable. Some of his images sport graffiti and he appears to have a soft spot for the famous graffiti artist known as "Banksy".
    The square format images are well composed and planned in the minutest detail, meant to challenge the grey matter in their analysis. HIs processing technique intrigues and the general impression is one of an artist who has taken great care in the final product.
    Keep the great work rolling!"

    June 13th, 2010

  • view profile

    H Bombzz says:

    " aka brian, is beyond badass at what he does. Not only is his photography captivating and moving, but his words grab you and throw you into the middle of it all. You feel consumed by each post and in awe by the raw gritty emotion that cascades throughout his entire stream. I am honored to pass by and soak up his unique and genuine talents."

    June 1st, 2010

  • view profile

    Amy Spanos says:

    "Brian is one of (if not my only) favourte photographers on flickr! every upload of his leaves me speechless. His work and passion makes me want push further. He is an inspiration to everyone and I am lucky to have him as a contact :)"

    March 28th, 2010

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    drshrinker (catching up) says:

    "I stumbled across the work of the about six months ago, when a boldly-snapped, artfully-rendered expose entitled To Catch A Thief popped up in my search results and etched itself instantly and indelibly in my memory. It's the kind of shot that stops you in your tracks; the kind of shot that requires enviable post-processing chops, the eagle eye of a Bressonian photogeek, and the brass balls of a veteran wire photographer to pull off with any degree of authority; the kind of shot that makes you say, "Holy $#%@! Who took this $%&#in' thing?"

    Since then, Brian's artistry has surprised and astonished me at every turn. Brash, witty, frightening, contemplative, poetic, and real - sometimes all at once - it has elicited an audible "wow" from me more times than I can count. Now he's knee-deep in self-portraiture and, frankly, I'm scared. Is there anything this guy can't do?

    Miles Davis might have called him a "bad mother." I call him one of the most compelling, soulful, unforgettable artists flickr has to offer."

    March 27th, 2010

  • view profile

    Ted Fines says:

    "i like brian's work!"

    March 16th, 2010

  • view profile

    tonylafferty01 says:

    "Classic, fresh, exciting, colorful, artistic, supurb, fantastic, bad ass, excellent, whatever accolade you choose to use in describing the work of, you just can't say enough! As a man and an artist, he is royalty."

    March 3rd, 2010

  • view profile

    Rich Zoeller Photography says:

    " IS THE MUTHA FUCKIN MAN!!!!! Always looking forward to this cat's work.......Cause his work is straight up A+"

    January 24th, 2010

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