Brent “Il Papà” Bernasconi is a born and raised San Diegan who doesn't know how to surf and barely knows how to boogie board.




Even though Brent flounders in the water, he does enjoy cycling, craft beer, running, traveling, amateur photography, social media, watching all 20+ James Bond with his wife, and playing trucks and trains with his son.




When he needs a break from the familial life, he spends his weekdays at the San Diego Tourism Authority (SDTA) office promoting "America's Finest City". To do this, he manages and edits the massive amount of content on and San Diego Travel Blog. Simultaneously he plans, coordinates and executes SDTA's Social Media program of work.

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  • JoinedMarch 2005
  • OccupationSocial Media Manager
  • HometownSan Diego
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