“If I want my work to appear otherworldly or beyond replication it is because I want to describe things that I feel are. The only things to transcend replication are the indescribable instances of true beauty and love, present in each human soul. Knowing this, artists can only hope that their work becomes a reminder and a shell-like vehicle for these elusive, exquisite and transient energies. I just happen to like beautiful shells. There’s no magic but love.”

his creation is my inspiration.
Genesis 2:7


Photos of Breath of Life (12)

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  • I'm all alone .. by Maddie Photography~
  • Music is in my soul .. by Maddie Photography~
  • Love <3 .. by Maddie Photography~
  • Cute isn't it ? by Maddie Photography~
  • Joylyn Newell. by The Vision Beautiful
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  • HELP/UPDATE/QUACK! by Harbinger Blues
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    maia hopes. says:

    "Miss Joy is quite a lovely artist. She has such a wonderful way with cameras. I love the fact that she shoots with digital and film to show her versatility. I adore all of her photographs. I am in awe of her skill, and I hope that she continues to showcase her God-given ability.

    peace&love. :] ♥"

    24th February, 2010

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    galaxyplateau says:

    "Joy is beautiful. Inside and out. You can definitely tell her beauty by the photographs she makes. I've been inspired by her for many years. She's one of the people who made me want to start photographing."

    11th December, 2009

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    The Vision Beautiful says:

    "Joy is and always has been an inspiration.
    Each time I shoot film, I hope it comes out as good as hers.
    I wish to capture all the same beauty and honesty that she sees."

    7th September, 2009

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    Hear The Art says:

    "Joy's work is AMAZING, it has always been an inspiration to look through her work. Her work speaks from the heart, it is genuine and unique. I have yet to find such photography that inspires me like Joy's. Thank you Joy"

    12th February, 2009

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    SHЯIYA says:

    "I've been watching Joy's photostream for quite some time now, and it's never ceased to inspire me. I really just want to favorite every single one of her photos. Everything she photographs turns to gold."

    16th January, 2009

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    paigecampbelllinden says:

    "what an inspiration."

    2nd January, 2009

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    Hanna Lovinda Photo says:

    "Such wonderful photography in this stream. I'm in love with the vintage feel, this girl truly knows how to work with film. There is something very fundamentally honest about each and every photo.

    A great inspirer."

    9th November, 2008

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    JenniferRose Photography says:

    "I came across Joy's work a couple years ago when started my own photography page on myspace. I loved everything about her style and frequently check for new photos ever since the first time I saw her work. With her talent especially at such a young age she is going far. Her style is so soft and beautiful. She definitely stands out from the crowd with her unique ways of capturing life around her. Such a fitting name, Breath of Life. She is an inspiration."

    15th September, 2008

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    Alek Fisher | Resonance Photographs says:

    "I have never known of anyone who's work is so beautiful and unique. Joy is definitely gifted, and a definite inspiration."

    27th August, 2008

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    Blind Soul says:

    "your photographs really leaves me speechless each time i view them! with each photo a story is told and left to the mind of the viewer to imagine... not all photographers can achieve this element of mystery in their work! but i congratulate you because you are gifted with this talent!
    I love all your works! your just so Wonderful ! ^_^

    15th July, 2008

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    ariffahjohari says:

    "For a 16 year old, joy's photographs cant be describe at all.
    Its simply the best i have seen out there."

    7th June, 2008

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    jessey morris. says:

    "joy's photography is so hard to describe.
    mostly because words can't explain how much creativity is put into her photos.
    i don't think she realizes how talented she is.
    i know she knows she is, but, she is like ten thousand times more than she thinks.
    i find joy so inspirational and her photographs give me reason to believe in God again.

    thank you, joy.
    i wish you love and happiness, and beauty."

    5th April, 2008

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    sadiemaesugar says:

    "Joy is one of the most amazing photographers I have ever come across in my life! Such a great way of taking photos... I usually find myself going through her images for hours :]"

    2nd April, 2008

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    Stephanie Massaro says:

    "your stream is sensational. so incredibly inspiring."

    25th March, 2008

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    .Little.Bit. says:

    "Joy's work has been incredibly inspiring and has made many of my days just looking at it. She's pure magic. There is a spark of life that grows in her that isn't in many people. ♥"

    2nd March, 2008

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    Tasha Gear says:

    "You probably inspire me more than any other photographer I know of."

    2nd March, 2008

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    leahface says:

    "Her photography makes me excited about still life."

    28th February, 2008

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