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I love photography since i was child, my parents love photography too, I live in Bali, a very beautiful places, you must visit Bali and see for yourself!

UPDATE: I'm no longer in Bali, I missed Bali alots....
farewel my island... I live in Jakarta now

My tools are Modified Infrared Camera Canon 5D and original Canon 5D for normal shot
Lens: 50mm f1.8, EFL135mm/f2, EFL24-105mm/F4, Sigma 12mm-24mm (+fav lens)

I luv everything, macro, infrared, wedding, landscape, model.
but I'm focus on pre/post/wedding shots

we both love photography... but lately I'm not so active since I have full time job at broadcast station,

Last time I was in Vegas, Pittsburgh, LA taking pictures but I have bad experience, anyhow at PA police officer come to me ask me why I'm taking pictures and he ask me not to try taking pictures of the skyscraper, geezz... am I looks like a bad guy?

btw our favorite photographer are Ansel Adam, Barry Jackson, John Freeman (I read his books).

contact me abraham.irawan [at]

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    Ayah Kaiza says:

    "photo" Balinye, menurut gwe the best series of Bali, te o pe, peri jud dah..., impressive, amazing, full love, and mistis.. soalnya gwe kok merinding ya ngeliatnya :)
    kl orangnye sangat baek, tapi masuk salah satu list "the top ten bandwitdh hunger" di ispnya.. hahahahaha.... ampun pak bram.

    anyone pls translate in english.. =))"

    February 10th, 2006

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