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I also have a second Flickr PHOTOSTREAM where I intend posting untextured work, it will also be a place for me to post more documentary type shots (and more stock like photos for Getty)

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    ǝıqqǝp says:

    "I accidentally found one of Jill's images on Flickr and immediately stunned with how it was processed. I love all of her work, both her images and her textures. It seems that all her images are perfectly processed with Flypaper Textures and that I can fave all of them :P Her work is just inspirational and looking forward for more!"

    November 18th, 2010

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    Mark Emirali says:

    It’s hard to add more words to what has already been said but I’ll have a go,
    Jill has such a fine approach to her work - The pictures she captures are very well thought-out and always outstanding in themselves. When these are combined with her masterful use of textures the pictures are elevated to there own uniqueness and trademark “Jill style” that I enjoy so much, very inspiring! I always look forward to her Man Ray work also, it’s so creative and you really get drawn into the imagery.
    I have found Jill to be tremendously supportive and that has given me such motivation so thank-you Jill for sharing your art and your support with us."

    November 18th, 2010

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    *gumby says:

    "There is such an embarrassment of riches here, each image a beautiful jewel, perfectly crafted and presented.
    It is simultaneously an oasis of calm and inspiration.
    Thank you, Jill."

    October 18th, 2010

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    silviaON says:

    "jill is one of the most creative photographers in flickr that i have found so far. her pictures are always very beautiful and artistic. she's such an inspiration for me. i'm honored to have her as a friend and wish her all the best."

    August 22nd, 2010

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    Sigi K ॐ says:

    "Jill describes her own work as 'gentle' and I would agree. The macro's, flowers, fruit and landscape images are almost always gently clothed with the most 'divine' textures. Her images acquire a soft, romantic, mystical and even elusive quality.
    It looks easy, but it's not.
    Jill does textures like no other! Jill together with a fellow flickr member create the most awesome textures and not so long ago launched the flypaper textures, which are available on their blog to order.
    Just when you think you have got Jill's style worked out - she produces the most incredible surreal / manipulated images, many of which are probably inspired by the Man Ray Group here on flickr. There is a wicked sense of humor and eye for the absurd that will keep you coming back to look at the image and produce a smile for your effort.
    Jill is a very talented and productive artist - and certainly a boon to the flickr community!"

    June 15th, 2010

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    jssteak says:

    "This has been a long time in coming as I have admired Jill's artistry for well over a year now. Here keen eye for honing in on the greatest importance in a scene border on the uncanny. Her abilities for capturing light, color and detail reveal themselves in images that are a beautiful mix of mystery, sensuality, and passion.....regardless of whether they are images of fruit, flowers, or landscapes. She has helped fill me with a new appreciation and since of wonder for the art and expression available through photography.....and I am sincerely grateful."

    December 7th, 2009

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    Seeing Visions says:

    "I hands down love Jill's work. Her gentle and evocative images have a wonderful painterly feel to them. She is one of the few Flickrites whose texture work never feels forced or extraneous. Also, there is no one that brings out the beauty and soul of a pear like Jill."

    June 22nd, 2009

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    frogmuseum2 says:

    "Jill has an imagination that I often envy. I want to climb inside her mind and wander around for a bit. Since she lives far away from me, I can't do that. Luckily, superb imagery escapes from that wondrous mind and I get a peek anyway! So do you. That's a grand and fortunate thing for us all!
    Off we go always into some strange new adventure that never fails to mesmerize. Off we go, oft re-amazed at our world: peculiar, familiar and haunting!"

    May 25th, 2009

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    jane.siet says:

    "Thank you Jill for your brilliant work that is always a delight and for sharing that work with us on Flickr. You are such an inspiration."

    February 25th, 2009

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    Philippe Sainte-Laudy says:

    "Jill's photos are a treat to the eye, always a joy to behold and always leave me amazed and grateful to be able to enjoy them.
    keep shooting and i will keep admiring!


    January 3rd, 2009

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    microabi says:

    "I just wish there was a button on flickr so I could instantly fav all of Jills work! Her photos are always so beautiful and thoughtful. One of my favourite photographers on flickr."

    December 23rd, 2008

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    Yug_and_her says:

    "Jill's work speaks for her right from her choice of the buddy icon. Its like a bursting Sun. She has a striking style of finely finished art work. I admire her pictures and stare at them for a little while wondering how she does it every time. I myself do a bit of processing, but she something much different artistry to offer. Every picture will have something very distinguishable. Sometimes it can be a crisp focus point, sometimes softest depth of field and other times its the texture. She is one of those few great artists here on Flickr.

    Thanks for being an inspiration and best wishes!!!"

    December 20th, 2008

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    divergent trousers says:

    "Jill is fabulous! I want to be like her when I "grow up" in photography. Not just producing jaw-dropping inspiring work but I want to stay nice to everybody like she does. I've noticed how some photographers on Flickr put their noses up in the air and "warn" in their profiles how they don't want too many contacts for this and for that reason. Not Jill--She creates this beautiful gorgeous work and she stays sweet. I love coming here and losing myself in her sets on slideshows!"

    November 21st, 2008

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    Telzey says:

    "I've been thinking and thinking about this testamonial for months. Not because there was nothing to say, but because there was so very much.

    Living half a world apart, Jill and I met through a texture group and, since then, my life has never been the same. She's a whirlwind of creativity — from her quiet, thoughtful still lifes and macros to her flawless manipulations. Her work moves and inspires me — resonating on so many levels it's hard to narrow it down.

    In the past, I've described her images as marvelous, extraordinary, and awesome. But now, let me add: joyous, witty, genuine. If you want to see what a true artist can do, oh traveler, just browse her photostream. Take your time. Jill's work truly reflects her outstanding talent, delightful character, and joie de vivre.

    Thank you, Jill, for blessing me with your incredible friendship and for letting us all experience the world through your eyes :*"

    September 27th, 2008

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    Dimitri Depaepe says:

    "For me Jill is my daily health, beauty and happiness cure
    Jill is not just a photographer,
    she is an artist
    she belongs in the gallery next to Dali, Picasso and Miro
    Looking to her images are like reading books and poëms from Edgar Allan Poe, Victor Hugo and Dante
    and the most important to me is her friendly and honest personality
    Thanks you Jill
    Love Dimi"

    July 13th, 2008

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    ~Darni says:

    "Jill is truly an inspiration to me, particularly her use of textures. Her images/photography are intriguing and possess an authentic and distinct beauty & quality."

    July 12th, 2008

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    Art Hill says:

    "It's hard to think of any praise that hasn't been expressed in all those testimonials below. Jill is an extraordiary artist. Not just an excellent photographer but a real artist. Her photostream treats us to an incredible variety of stunning images. She finds compelling images where most of us would not even look. I especially like her flower and plant shots because she finds a way to make them different than all the run-of-the-mill stuff you run across.
    Lastly, just a warm and wonderful person to get to know."

    June 28th, 2008

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    Rose Mist says:

    "Jill’s Artwork is unique and full of sensibility.
    This photographer has some major talent and is truly blessed!
    I am amazed with her outstanding creativity, vivid imagination,
    exceptional sense of harmony, and superb fine art skill.
    Dear Jill, you're a tremendous inspiration!
    Thanks for sharing your work with us.


    June 15th, 2008

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    MMMMichelle says:

    "The best words I can use to describe Jill's work are 'Gentle' and 'Stunning'. And she comes up with the best titles to set the mood. If she has a book of photos out there, I will be first in line to get it. She is a find in flickr!
    Thanks for sharing your work Jill."

    June 14th, 2008

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    {meghan} says:

    "Jill, I could easily get lost in every photo of yours only to be lost for words at how to describe your sensitivity to light, texture and bringing out the beautiful of your subject. I find you inspiring as you experiment and have obviously found 'your style' which works so well and you are passionate about. I always look forward to each upload of yours. Thanks for sharing :)"

    May 29th, 2008

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    Maggiet96 says:

    "Jill, you are a true artist and an outstanding photographer, but above all, a wonderful, warm, and caring friend... it's been a pleasure, an honor and a blessing to meet you here on Flickr... thanks for being you! Blessings and sweet hugs... : )"

    March 22nd, 2008

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    ~.charlie.~ ... says:

    "jill's images make me say "WOW" out really loud to the screen ... she renders me speechless with her manipulations and has truly inspired me to go further with my own work ... i'm not very good with words, s just go check out her stream, you won't be disappointed!!!"

    March 7th, 2008

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    Paul Grand says:

    "Jill is a master image maker,
    this coupled with her sensitive photography and expert manipulation skills
    makes her one of the most popular and interesting flickr professionals on the net.
    Jill has taught me loads over the past several months of knowing her.
    She's also a valued and knowledgeable fellow admin of Our Man Ray groups,
    with whom I feel honoured and privileged being in daily contact
    with my New Zealand friend at the other side of the world.
    Basically what I'm trying to say is:
    I cant recommend Jill's fast growing portfolio enough!"

    March 1st, 2008

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    Mimoza Veliu says:

    "i love love love your work..you`re great artist. thanks for your support


    February 21st, 2008

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    Erwin Barona says:

    "Jill's vision and images are a growing inspiration for me. Since the day I first saw her photostream, it's really been an adventure for me each time I visit. I am continually being inspired by her work."

    February 14th, 2008

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    sam_samantha says:

    "I accidentally ran into one of Jill's masterpiece while I was looking at the Pentax group photos. Ever since then, she's got me hooked to her stream. I love her vision and her textured images. They have a haunting yet serene quality to them and each one of them are so well executed and composed, who can deny that she's the master of her art? Look at her stream, and she'll have you hooked too:)"

    January 8th, 2008

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    louise_creative says:

    "Jill, you are such an inspirational photographer and artist! I adore seeing each of your photos as you give them your unique treatment in post. Your stream is one of only a few that I frequent often. Your photos make me smile, they warm my heart....Thank you Jill for sharing your stories and experiences with us all."

    January 2nd, 2008

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    Olga Gerrard says:

    "Jill (borealnz) is a channel for beauty. Her work is utterly unique, and so luscious that no one can help but be smitten. Her eye for form, texture, and word are without comparison, and she is truly inspirational in her artistic manifestations. We are so fortunate to have her here on Flickr. And I am so grateful for her kind words and support."

    December 9th, 2007

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    Maureen F. says:

    First of all I want to say that you are a wonderful photographer....This is the easy part.
    Wonderful in so many ways ......Put it this way, it is very easy to comment on her photos as they are so amazing .......No hesitation when it comes to inspirational comments. Just plain wonderful!

    I loved that I found her stream........ and in one of the first comments, i mentioned something about the way her photos have movement.......There is a wonderful life to her compositions.......A true sign of an artist.
    Not only that but she is so supportive of others.....making comments that are what anyone would be so happy with........not casual comments
    One of my most favorite flickr contacts for sure !!
    oh and did I mention that this is my first testimonial on Fickr after one year !

    December 8th, 2007

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    Åsta says:

    "I don’t know where to begin saying something about Jill’s pictures without risking the possibility of sounding corny. The reason is that when I look at her work, I think of a mother. Jill’s not shooting pictures – she nurtures them. Tender, caring and still firm – with a thought and reason behind all the whats and the hows on her approach to the motive and the treatment of them. And then there’s Jill herself. Such a wonderful spirit, always willing to help – always generous in sharing her comments and knowledge. Thank you for being you, Jill! I’m lucky being able to call you an inspiration and a friend."

    November 29th, 2007

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    *Mama*Lola* says:

    "Jill inspires me everyday....I just adore her work and her! She has such a beautiful heart. I'm blown away by her.

    Her work is Brilliant .....she's very artistic!!!

    I'm just so happy we met (through this flickr world). I always enjoy her images in the morning when I wake up. They make me smile!

    Keep them coming my friend! I love them!!
    Have a Great Flickr Day!!



    November 27th, 2007

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    bleuet / Anne-Marie says:

    "We met “by accident”, thanks to a dear friend, in an admin group ; and since that moment, I’ve always been touched by your great kindness, your gentleness and your benevolence. You’re adorable : I adore you Jill :-)

    By using one of the most beautiful post-processing I’ve ever seen, you never show us a simple image ; but a creation. I love your world in green, bronze and fawn-coloured tones. Through your eyes, the simplest thing becomes a wonder.
    Your art is timeless and full of elegance.

    My sweet Jill, I sincerely hope we’ll meet in real, one day, … perhaps at the Plaza Athénée ;-)))
    Love, kisses and hugs :-)

    November 4th, 2007

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    fallacious limit says:

    "If somebody ask himself if photography have a soul, i will answer yes and go to see Borealnz's pixel work.

    October 31st, 2007

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    s0ulsurfing says:

    "Jill is a wonderful photographer, talented artist and an amazingly supportive friend and admin, i'm proud to call her my flickr friend"

    October 23rd, 2007

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    zanettco says:

    "Jill's photostream is one of the best on flickr, it is ofiginal and inspiring full of joy and unique beauty. I am able to pass a lot of my time enjoying her photos and never get bored and tired of them. Only a person with a great soul and nice feelings can make such a beautiful works, she is an artist ! And as a person I can say as I experienced it, she is nice, kind and generous , never tired to help and to teach. I am really very happy to meet you here in flickr dear Jill and I am honored to be your friend. Keep this way my dear !"

    September 30th, 2007

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    David-Duchens says:

    "you are here in a fabulous photostream!
    Jill's work is so artistic and a real pleasure for the eyes!

    Thanks so much Jill for being a so great and so kind friend :-)

    Keep up the fabulous work!"

    September 24th, 2007

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    _marmota says:

    "Jill is a huge inspiration for me. A fantastic photographer and artist who has a keen eye for the details of the world around her that are brought to life through flawless compositions and beautiful light. Her subjects are a wonderful combination of sublime and everyday objects that are literally brought into an entirely new light.

    Most importantly she is a wonderful person who offers her encouragement and praise on a regular basis. Her photo stream is a feast for the eyes, so set aside some time and be prepared to select that fave button often."

    September 22nd, 2007

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    Kris Kros says:

    "Jill is one of the most inspiring flickr artists I will never forget. Not only can she produce phenomenal arts but she is phenomenally kind hearted individual. Love to be her friend."

    August 31st, 2007

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    CharlieBrown8989 says:


    I have never ever met her in my life.

    Only on flickr.

    I have reviewed her site & found that she is very skillful & knowledgeable in photography. I enjoy it very much.

    It is a great learning experience when you visit her. Please visit her more often to be inspired & motivated.

    Thank you for your kindness & sharing.

    You are a great imaging Artist.

    I appreciate your everything."

    June 21st, 2007

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    escribirconlacabeza says:

    "Ignoro si existe la magia en la fotografía. De ser así nos encontramos frente a un mago. Con pocas fotografías que veáis os daréis cuenta de que maneja la iluminación, el espacio, el color y el volumen a su antojo. Incluso es estáticas fotografías como son las florales veréis movimiento. Es pura magia.
    I ignore if the magic in the photography exists. Of being therefore we in front of were a magician. With few photographies that you see you will give account of which it handles the illumination, the space, the color and the volume at will. It is even static photographies as they are the floral ones you will see movement. It is pure magic."

    June 13th, 2007

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    makunia says:

    "Jill is amazingly talented photographer! Her photo stream is so attractive, so beautiful! Each of her photos has a warm mesmeric charm! I am amazed at her treatment, original style and creative view all the time! This is the photo stream of gorgeous art, that I just adore!

    Jill is not only amazing artist, but she is kind, positive, warm, supportive person!
    I am so happy, she is my friend!
    Keep your fabulous art, dear Jill!
    Keep shining and smiling and be happy always!"

    June 12th, 2007

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    ScarletFaerie (K. Wood Photography) says:

    "Borealnz's love of nature bleeds through her amazing images. Her photos are a loving work of art, each and everyone. I look forward to enjoying more of her work."

    June 9th, 2007

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    V. Mason says:

    "Jill's photos caught my attention soon after I joined flickr, and have continued to memorize me ever since. Her ability to visualize, capture and present photos is second to none. Truly one of my favorite photographers, and friends, on Flickr."

    June 3rd, 2007

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    Bec Thomas Photography says:

    "Jill takes the most amazing macros and does the best treatments I've seen! Stunning photography that should be viewed by all!"

    May 21st, 2007

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    Brian The Euphonium says:

    "Jill very kindly nominated one of my photos for a weekly competition in Portfolio Pro, so i thought I would return the favour by commenting on some of her photos. However, when I looked at her photostream there were simply too many beautiful and inspiring images to comment on all of them, so I thought I would write this testimonial instead! Jill's work is truly wonderful - please take a look for yourself..."

    May 21st, 2007

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    Ev Lloyd says:

    "There is NOTHING about Jill that i can say that hasn't already been said!
    I can say for me personally that over the last year, she has become a friend, and i have TRULY enjoyed watching her skills evolve.
    She has gone from a regular Flickrite to a true artist in every sense.
    Her eye on the world is unique, And i am glad to call her friend, a friend who's opinon i respect!"

    May 12th, 2007

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    GooseGoddessS says:

    "Jill is a true Artist and Visionary in the world of Photography.
    She captures an essence of life in each image,
    bringing a timeless, artistic appeal from a one of a kind, unique perspective. Jill is a wonderful person and a great friend, and each
    photograph in her stream reveals her beautiful personality."

    May 5th, 2007

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    Dew Drop says:

    "This testimonial is long overdue, but what better day than your 2nd flickerversary :)

    Jill's photos are like an island of beauty, peace and harmony. Whether it is the beach shots, or the flowers, whether the fruits or plain obejcts - Jill instills such life into her pictures, that they are all inspirational!

    Thanks Jill for being so talented and so kind for sharing this joy with all of us :) Keep up the great work!!!"

    April 6th, 2007

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    phew! says:

    "I stumbled upon Jill's photostream in TWTME. However, she wasn't in the admin group, way back then. Her pastoral taste, dazzling compositions and aesthetic sense made me come back to her photostream again and again. Her work speaks for herself, I'm a moron to continue further. And yes, she has another talent of pointing the best spot in the dullest pictures when it comes to leaving a comment. All those people, who want a critique of their pictures, you know where to get her!!!! Keep posting the beautiful stuff!"

    March 5th, 2007

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    Sean Shimmel... wink back at the Reaper says:

    "Jill is a welcome addition as my contact... here kindness shows through with her thoughtful commentary and with her joyful captures of everyday life which are often nostalgic as well (such as a treasured grandmother's watch)."

    March 3rd, 2007

  • view profile

    Micky** says:

    Looking through your photo stream daily I see a different look on the world. You have your own sense of style and have a great deal of creativity and talent. You are such an inspiration to me :-) I am so glad I have gotten to know you and I am proud to call you my friend.

    February 20th, 2007

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    bigbearbard says:

    "Borealnz is an amazing photographer whose photos I like to review frequently. Her photos are well-liked by so many any comments I can place on any photo are only repeating what so many have already said. So instead today I am writing a testimonial for this brilliant photographer and I encourage her to keep up the good work of impressing us all."

    December 12th, 2006

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    unknown toothbrush says:

    "Jill is one fabulous photographer...plain and simple!!!! I've been following Jill's stream for ages, am not exactly sure how I came accross it but it must have been it's fabulousness and gorgeosity that drew me to it!!! Jill's seascapes are unbeatable.... the BEST you will ever see on flickr...and her photoshop works extremely inspiring and creative... above her outstanding and sheer photographic excellence, Jill is a warm, generous, kind-hearted and beautiful person with always an encouraging and lovely word to say.... this stream is a must on daily basis... a Jill fix!!! Superb and stunning photography Jill, keep up the most grand work!!"

    December 12th, 2006

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    Fancy Horse says:

    "borealnz is a gifted photographer. I love looking at her pictures; she has the eye for the right shot! I first "met" her through Bookcrossing, another friendly, international community."

    October 23rd, 2006

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    ms.lume says:

    "Jill is a generous and wonderfull flickr friend, one of my very first friends on flickr. Her landscapes are brilliant and balanced by a heart and eye
    that is so obviously in tune with the land upon which she lives. Jill elevates all of her photographic subjects, making the everyday magical. A journey through her photostream will leave you...refreshed!!! Thank you Jill, for sharing your world with us!!!"

    August 25th, 2006

  • view profile

    Ran_ says:

    "I really enjoy viewing Jill's collection of photo's. She has a great eye for photography :) She is always one of the first flickr members to tell you how much she enjoys your photo's as well.

    You are a great friend Jill and a true inspiration. Keep up the great work.


    August 18th, 2006

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