At Boom, we develop cross-media strategic marketing and public relations for our clients that convince their target audience to solicit their business, attend their event or donate their money.

BOOM was founded in 2007 based on ten years of experience in marketing, event planning, public relations and project management in the non-profit, corporate and arts sector. With expertise and proven results in a wide variety of industries, we pride ourselves on taking the path less followed for programs that help our clients stand out in a saturated market. Like our clients, we are full of creativity and passion that is cleverly combined with calculated business strategy and a proactive nature with proven results. All of our strategies are centered around growing the businesses of our clients. While coverage in major media outlets may be the goal for some campaigns, we also know that grassroots community buzz can be the mission for others. Through highly customized planning and strategic analysis, we will develop a personalized strategy to reach out to your audiences through highly targeted communications strategies.

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