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Pictures are made in close cooperation with ALLARD PIERSON, Amsterdam, also with the Royal Library, The Hague and the Municipal Archive at Alkmaar.


This project was made possible with the help of the Huizinga Instituut, University of Amsterdam and the A D & L foundation, Leiden.


The collection of photo's is 'work in progress' of the chair for the History of the Book at the University of Amsterdam.


We hope to extend it well into 200.000 photo's of initials, ornaments and type in 2020.


In time descriptions will be enhanced by descriptors that make searching easy. At the moment we are looking at Iconclass.


We are also adding and extending the catalogue 'Work in Progess' (2004) that gives an overview of the first three centuries of European printing.


We give courses for bachelors and masters with an emphasis on technical side of printing and publishing, mainly in the Special Collections of the University Library of Amsterdam - one of the great collections of the world.


For information on this website please contact:

dr Paul Dijstelberge p.dijstelberge@uva.nl


For information on our courses please contact:

professor dr Lisa Kuitert: e.a.kuitert@uva.nl.


On this site we present typographical material of different countries - most of it from the Netherlands for the period 1470-1800 and France 16th century printers.


We welcome cooperation from other scholars - especially arthistorians and those who are interested in Iconclass.


For information on cooperation please contact

dr Paul Dijstelberge: p.dijstelberge@uva.nl

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Photos of Book Studies-Allard Pierson / Amsterdam


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