Ivan was born in Bulgaria and moved to Paris where he graduated in Political science and International relations in 2008. After a brief career in the French ministry of foreign affairs he gave in to his passion: photography and graphic design and created Bokeh Graphik.


When he was 11 he got his first SLR camera from his uncle and started shooting portraits and nature. Ivan first assisted a professional wedding photographer sometime around 1995, and he soloed on his first 'friends and family' wedding sometime around 2005. His wedding photography continued developing to where he began receiving more frequent requests. By 2007, family, friends, and neighbors began urging Ivan to make wedding photography a full-time career, which he finally did in the autumn of 2010.


Ivan’s artistic approach fuses several elements, including an editorial fashion sense, a taste for distinctive colors and textures, a relaxed shooting approach and a strong passion for capturing “real life” moments. After the shoot, Ivan and the team put their creativity to work and make beautiful, bound art books for each couple that tells the story of their most memorable moments. As a result, Ivan and his team provide each couple with an amazing collection of images, while allowing the bride and groom to truly enjoy their wedding celebration.


Photographing weddings is more than simply documenting the events of the day. Providing truly great memories requires insight, intuition and the ability to connect with people on an emotional level throughout the entire process. If the experience is positive, in the right hands, great photos will follow. The team at Bokeh Graphik is dedicated to providing every client with an amazing experience.


Sensing and capturing the incredible emotions and love taking place on a couple’s wedding day allow Bokeh Graphik to provide them with a tangible reminder of their day which will last for generations.


Ivan has also somehow managed to chase his other dreams whilst doing what he loves. When not standing behind a camera and directing people all over the place in his heavy accent, Ivan loves to spend time relaxing with his beautiful wife, Johanna and his little girl, Arielle. Ivan also has a love affair with rock climbing and extreme sports in general.


Today Ivan serves clients in Paris as a dedicated full-time photographer.


“I look forward to the new adventure and creative challenge of each wedding. Each one makes me a better photographer.”

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  • JoinedJuly 2011
  • HometownParis
  • CountryFrance


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