I run a shop with my wife In Burbank called Dapper Cadaver. We make, rent, and sell horror props, morgue, mortuary, and halloween props. We also have cabinets of scientific and carnival curiosities


we're located at 7572 San Fernando RD, LA, CA, 91352

Phone 818-771-0818


My photostream is a mix of photos I've taken myself, production stills of our props in action, research photos, and photos taken by Dapper Cadaver's professional photographer Marianne Williams

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my private life Enjoy!

I make Dead People!

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Flickr Groups I Created for you

Scream Queens --Beautiful Horror

A Comedy of Horrors

Unnatural History Museum

Clown Will Eat Me

Phantom Coaches

Furby in Art and Nature



Home Haunts and Haunted Houses for Halloween


Bones and Skeletons


And The Greatest Photos Ever

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Haha, right up our (unlit seedy) alley! We're gonna have to pay you a visit next time we're in LA. Amazing stuff!

February 21, 2008

The person I´ll hire for my titjob. Can you make them saggy, bloody and rotten for me, Boju?

September 30, 2006