Jesus came inside me like a body my perfect size when I was 32, now im 45, visions from Jesus received 6-2010-prophet, said, holile, bob, she, said, go, showed, eat, its, time, she, said, be better, hollie, said, dont, steal it, she, said, showed, the God spoke, hollie, said, ministry of dreams, that was ministry of dreams website like an angel man, and, end time prophetic ministry, website, like an angel man with doeformity, on one side of face, put it under, said, hollie, thats on the day of the LOrd, she, said, call it, prophecy ministry, God, spoke, dont take or alter in, any way, these, hollie, said, or he will get ya, hollie, said, showed, Jesus with torturing device, I spoke, them, Jesus, said, I created, end time prophetic ministry, and, world prophecy center, said, God, thats world prophecy center website, like angel, with deformity, on face, one side, said, hollie, lastly, hollie, said, the prophecies center, thats the prophecies center website like, angel face, hollie, put it under, she said, dont steal, or alter, these, hollie, said, thats on the day of the LOrd, she said, hollie looked down, saw submarines all around, the u.s.a., said, hollie, and, its him, she hollie, said, appears, and, another, he hollie like cat, reports, on, t.v., bobby, you got it, said, hollie, they, will release, then, saith the Lord, thats nuclear explosion in, california, and both american coasts, burning, man lets git outta here, said, he hollie, reporting, kicked out by light legg to God - --

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bob hickman
November 2009
I am:
Male and Single
here are visions, from the Lord God