By day Bob is a mild-mannered graphic designer at a major shoe retailer, but by night he becomes... Freelance Illustrator!

I like to draw. A lot. I canceled my cable TV so I would have more time to draw. Sometimes I even draw while I'm drawing. Did I mention I like to draw?

I also like to watch bad movies. Unintentionally bad, that is. I'd rather watch "Plan 9 From Outer Space" every day than have to watch "Transformers 2" even once.

I collect DVDs, which I need to stop, because I have more than I can ever possibly watch. I also collect action figures. Or I did, until they became ridiculously expensive. I collect "how to draw" books as well. You never know when you might learn something new from one. I guess you could say I'm a collector.

I like Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese food. I've traveled to China and can't wait to go back. I walk a lot too.

Need something Illustrated? Email me and we'll talk.

(By the way, my buddy icon above is just a drawing I did that I like and not a self portrait. I don't quite look like that... yet)

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Bob Canada
July 2006
Terre Haute, IN
Evansville, IN, USA
I am:
Male and Single
Graphic Designer by day, Freelance Illustrator by night
bcanada92 [at]