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I live in the West Midlands, Worcestershire area of England aka UK aka Great Britian.

I have been taking photographs since the mid 70's and have had work published in print, on greeting & business cards, used on websites, appeared on Blog websites, used for corporate wallpapers, and used for TV.

I also have many years experience of digital image editing, using mainly Adobe Photoshop.

If you'd like to contact me, you can email me at :

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Chesterfield's Twisted 'n' Crooked Church


All my images are © 1970-2970. All rights reserved.

If you wish to use any of my photos or images please contact me ( ) for a fast and helpful response. To date my work has been seen on christmas cards, corporate wallpapers, newspapers, magazines, peoples walls, wedding cake, TV, corporate DVDs, and soon to be in a kids TV cartoon "Wonder Pets", so look out for the Las Vegas episode!

Blogging me or my photos? Fine, but please inform me and even add the info as a comment to my photo so every one else knows! See who's blogged me...just google "Bob Henry Photography" !!

My "Favorite" Pics Chosen By My Viewers!

Thank you for reading the above and now for more about me...

Cleo and her 21 brothers & sisters !!


I have a confession...I'm a photoholic. Feels good to finally get it out. Sometimes I blame my father as in about 1977 when my Dad asked me to take his pic of him in front of a fountain and I made him look up in the air so it looked like the water was shooting out of his mouth, the camera... a 120 format old old folding camera. Also getting to play with a Poloroid camera in the 70's that was a friends and was amazed at the instant photos! Never got one, I stuck with film until a few years ago!

Oh, and my parents met over the photographic counter in a Chemist ... where my Dad got his slides/films processed!

I converted from film to digital for P&S-ing with the help of a certain ‘red logo’ photo d&p shop after they screwed up all my APS negs and photo CDs (took 7 attempts to get them right) and ended up with them giving me a nice settlement figure. I used it to buy my first digital camera (Oly 220) as I gave up after that getting all my P&S films done as D&P+CD due to the costs and trusting the shops get them right. Otherwise I'd still be using film and a scanner. Then again the internet has been invented and Flickr and broadband and 36m pixel SLRs I may have moved over by now.



For my O level Art exam I asked to do photography but was told I couldn't due to lack of a dark room ... I wish digital cameras were around then ('85), I was so annoyed. I ended up doing pottery (passed with a C).

I made up for not doing photography at school when I went to printing collage as we I did pre-press courses and did it all on a giant scale by hand .. pre Apple Macs, Photoshop, and DTP! I did end up being qualified in camera work incl. dark room skills, scanning, paper make up, typesetting, planning, take rounds (multi exposure film work), plate making, Qwark as well as Pagemaker!

I have also done an 'Images & Influence' + 'Multimedia' courses at University. Mainly for video but some skills help a lot with still photography.

Kitchen The Catographer

I worked on a cruise ship (Oriana) in 2004 managing the internet café as well as teaching passengers how to use PCs/software. My most popular lessons I did (up to 30 people at once at one stage in a room with 16 PCs) was 3x2hr lessons for photo editing using Photosuite 4. I also did private 2hr lessons to help passengers learn about their cameras, how to use it and get great pics. Fantastic job! I was even filmed by Sky Travel doing a lesson, and filmed for the onboard TV channel ads, as well as interviewed for the ships TV chat show twice every cruise!

A White Lioness --  A White Big Cat


Here is a list of what I like to shoot....

People - from candid to portraits
Transport - from bicycles to crusie ships.
Wildlife - from ants to lions.
Sunrises & sunsets.
Clouds, Rainbow, lightening, tornadoes, planets & sky.
Historic - for future memories/books etc.
Journalism - Paparazzia, local interest and magazine.
Events & shows.

Here is a list of what I like to create....
Normal photos, obviously !
Clone photos.
Panoramic photos.
Panoramic QT videos.
Sequence photos.
HDR photos.
Customizing Car photos.
Sepia photos.

B+W photos.
Spot colour photos.
Time lapse videos.
Fake photos .. but not silly 'spam mail' ones.
Funny photos .. but not sill 'spam mail' ones.
Logos, artwork & promo photos.


Chat - It's FateGodstow Nunnery - Oxford
I have had one pic bought by 'Chat' magazine to use in their UK magazine, 'It's Fate', which I got paid nicely for. So I can now say I am an officially published photographer. No photo credit in the magazine though!

I have very nearly got several photos in newspapers but was beaten to the post by pro photographers, I so wished I had my own darkroom back then! One day my door to photojournalism will be opened for me!

I have also had several of my photographs and digital images used as a corporate wallpaper on 1000's of PCs and in I.T. literature for the companies I work/worked for. Also some of my photos have been used for promo work for my companies promo newspaper for customers.

I have also taken a large number of photographs to be used for online sales by other people and companies.

I've also had several of my photos picked my Nikon to appear on their Stunning Gallery. A website to promote their cameras with pics taken with Nikon cameras...

My Pic Have Made It On To Nikon's Stunning Gallery

My Pics Have Made It On To Nikon's Stunning Gallery

In October 2006 I was asked if a photo of mine could be a Christmas Card, my pic of Chesterfield Chruch. This is the pic they used for a 50,000 run (which is my flickr logo and my first pic in my profile!...
Chesterfield's Twisted 'n' Crooked Church

In Jan 2007 I was asked if my photos could be used as backgrounds in a childrens educational cartoon. "The Wonder Pets" for Nick jr. Things are currently in production! They are my Pioneer Town photos. The production company is Little Airplane Productions ... who have won Emmy's and many many more. They do work for Seasame Street, Elmo's World, Oobi, Nick jr, Disney, Discovery and more. They did "Gerald McBoing Boing". I'm so excited !!


Houghton Ensign Selfix 820 (1952)
1976-1978 - Only used my Dad's camera. A Houghton Ensign 'Selfix 820' from 1952-5. It has a Epsilon shutter and Ross Xpress lens. A classic British folding camera with 'Albada' (folding) viewfinder giving either 8 or 12 pictures on 120..It has an Ensar 105mm.F4.5 lens in an Epsilon shutter(B T 1-250). Epsilon is the fifth letter of the Greek alphabet, E! I now have it and intend to put a 120 film through it soon! It hasn't been used since about 1978. It's worth about £25-90 with case and light meter. It was £8 in 1960 (a weeks wage) when my Dad bought it secondhand. Houghton Ensign was founded in 1867 in London from a glass comapny and they faded away in 1961 (read about them here Read about the camera here..

Kodak Instamatic S-10 (1967)
1978-1983 - I still have my first camera, a Kodak S-10 (1967-72) 126 instamatic. I bought it at a jumble sale in about 1978 for 50p. Not used sadly since 1985. It would have originally cost £28 new. Today it is worth up to £10! Take a look ..

1983-1985 - Minolta Autopak 500

Konica Pop (1985)
1985-1985 - I bought my first new camera, a bright red Konica Pop. A design classic with flash and manual film advance. I replaced it after 3 films as it was faulty. I have since bought another to compleate my collection. Originaly in 1985 it cost £45 from Harts Photography in Lye, today it cost me £10 to replace. Here's a look ..

Ricoh XF-30 (1985)
1985-1991 - I had a Ricoh XF-30 for a few years after the Pop but sold it to buy an Amiga A500 and just kept/used my Nikon F301. I am still looks to buy one again! Originaly in 85 it cost £60 from Boots, today it can be £10. See more on it here ..

Nikon F301 (1985)
1987 – Present - I have the highly acclaimed 1980's Nikon F301 35mm SLR with several MF lenses. Still used on rare occasions. Originaly in 87 it cost £250 from Jessops with 35-70mm and bits-n-bobs. today it is worth £90 body+lens. See more on it here ..

Konica EU-mini (1993)
1993 – 1999 - I have a little Konica EU-mini 35mm, which was replaced with my Ixus. It was a cheapo pocket camera used instead of my F301 when out at night etc. Not used anymore but still keep it just in case! It was about £30 from Boots and is worth about 1p now !

Canon Ixus (1999)
1999 - 2000 - I have the first Canon Ixus APS camera that I used for snapshots while travelling. The first and original Ixus, a design that's still with us today. Not used since I started using my digital compacts I’m sad to say. I even have a IR remote for it. The pop up flash sticks up a little which is a common fault after a long fun life (the Ixus II had a non pop up flash)! A great camera. Originaly in 1999 it cost £245 from Currys/Comet, today it can be bought for £5-30. I still use it's softcase for my Nikon 3700! Here it is ..

Olympus Camedia C-220 (2000)
2000-2003 - I have an Olympus Camedia C-220 digital 2m camera that I got to see what digital cameras could do for me over film/scanning. Uses Smart media (up to 128mb). A great camera apart from the lens cover issues when shutting it .. it hits the lens if your too quick! Originaly it cost £180 from Jessops, today it is worth £35. Here it is ..

October 2003 - December 2004
Sony Ericsson T610i Mobile Phone with VGA Digital Camera. Rubbish! It's so dated now in 2007! It was my first mobile phone with a camera, never really used it!

Nikon Coolpix 3700 (2004)
2004 – 2006 - I now use my amazing little, yet top quality, 3m Nikon Coolpix 3700. I’d never sell it. Takes great pics as you can see on here. It was a leaving prezzy from my company when I left to go to work on a cruise ship (teaching IT incl. photo editing and photography). Read about it here..

December 2004 - March 2006
Sony Ericsson K700i Mobile Phone with 1m Pixel Digital Camera. Not bad. It was my second mobile phone with a camera, used it a little!

Nikon D70s (2005)
2005 – Present - After 5 years trying digital cameras and now dSLRs are in my price range (under £1000) I got myself a Nikon D70s body and a 18-70mm lens. Everywhere was sold out as till Jan 2006, it took loads of calls to get my D70s. I also got a SB600 flash and 70-300 Nikon zoom lens. Here is info on the camera ..

2006 – 2007
Sony Ericsson K750i Mobile Phone with 2m Pixel Digital Camera. It's OK I guess. Use it a lot more than my previous 2 phones with cameras.

2006-2010 - Panasonic Lumix FX7.

Yashica-C (1958)
2006 – Present - After several years missing film cameras, having a interest in old cameras and camera history, and wanting to practice my fully manual photography with a manual camera I decided to by a real old clockwork camera ... and for £47 I bought a Yashica-C twin lens reflex 120 format camera in excellent condition from 1958 along with a light meter and 6 rolls of B&W film and 4 colours (I think I may stick to B&W with this camera as it's from 1958). BUT is broke after 3 months and no film came out. A good excuse to buy another! I would love to know the history of this camera and it's owners, I'm sure it's got a soul of it's own. It's lovely to use! It takes 6x6cm exposures on currently available 120 (medium format) roll film (£1-£3 new and in date). Camera has the Yashikor 80mm f3.5 lens in a Copal MX shutter (1 sec. to 1/300 sec.). More info .. and info on TLR cameras ..

Rolleicord IIb (1939)
2006 – Present - After my Yashica died I wanted a Rolliflex, but they are rare or expensive or real bad condition. So I looked for a WWII Rolleicord (cheaper version made by Rolliflex) and bought this TLR from 1939!! Cost me £40 and still running my 1st film through it. We'll see how it goes. Imagine, someone during WWII used this camera either in the UK or Germany ! and info on TLR cameras ..

Kodak Retinette IB (1959)
2006 – Present - My newest camera purchase, cost £5 but can be worth up to £60! The Kodak Retinette 1b was a product of the German Kodak AG. It was a viewfinder camera with built-in selenium-meter. It had been produced from 1959 to 1963.

Sony Ericsson K810i - My New Camera Phone2007 - 2009
Sony Ericsson K810i 3G Mobile Phone with 3m Pixel Digital Camera. 3.2m pixels but still a tiny lens. Nice silver metal buttons too! Photos were pretty good!

2007-2013 - Nikon lens, 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED AF-S VR DX NIKKOR

2009-2010 - Apple iPhone 3GS. Photos not as good as my K810i. So will buy a new pocket camera too...

2010-2013 - Nikon lens, AF-S FX NIKKOR 50mm (75mm on DX) f/1.4G.

2010-Present - Nikon lens, AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G.

2010-2013 - Tamron Wide Zoom Lens, 10-24mm F3.5-4.5.

2010-Present - Panasonic Lumix TZ10.

2013-Present - Nikon D800.

2013-Present - Nikon 14-24mm f2.8.

2013-Present - Nikon 24-70mm f2.8.

2013-Present - Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 VR.

Countries I've Visted..

(11% of all countries. 35 in total : England, Wales, Scotland, USA, Antiga, Barbados, British Vigin Islands, Dominica, Granada, Tobago, Venezuela, Tusisia, Gurnsey, Croatia/Yugoslavia, Faroe Islamds, France, Gibralta, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Sicily, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Azores, Madeira, Spain, Majorca/Mallorca, Canary Islands, Corsica, Ukraine/Russia, Vatican City, & Turkey.)

US States I've Visited...

(11% of all states. 7 in total : California, Nevada, Arizona, New York, Georgia & Tennessee)

Flickr : Joined in 2005. Became a Pro member 16/6/06.

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