Greetings fellow photographers.

I have been photographing for many many years. I started with a Nikon FE2 so that should date me pretty well. Then I switched to Canon gear, A1, T90, 1N and now a T3i which is a step down but all I can afford for now. I resisted the switch to digital for a long long time because I worked with computers and did not need a hobby that forced me to do the same and because of the rather exorbitant cost relative to film cameras. But I got over the first by getting laid off and then turning that into retirement so I no longer work with computers all day. I got over the second by buying a relatively cheap digital body.

I've always concentrated on nature photography and have included here on Flickr some of the best shots I have taken over the years, which I had put on Kodak Photo CD back when digital cameras were rare or non-existant. Thus I have them in digital format. Not the best scans but OK. I also have included some of my digital camera photos and will post more of those as I complete my postings of my legacy work.

I hope you enjoy my work.

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