When I suggested a digital camera as a gift idea a little over a year ago, I just thought it would be the logical replacement for my slowly breaking older camera that I rarely used. Little did I know that wrapped inside that Christmas present was a whole new world for me. Who knew?! By the time I went to Florida that March, I had transformed from the person who hoped she didn't get stuck with the job of taking pictures at birthday parties to the girl who took 3,583 pictures in one week. And I've been hooked ever since... and then I discovered PhotoShop :-) Between all the pictures I've taken and a couple versions of a few... I accumulated over 20,000 pictures in just a little more than a year... until a couple of my hard drives just decided not to show up one day. I was able to recover some, and I have some backed up somewhere, but until I find a good data recovery software (I'm definitely open to suggestions!), what you see is pretty much all I have... or, at least the ones I like out of what I have left. :-)

I don't know much about photography or what makes a "good" picture or any of the technical stuff (although I'd like to learn)... all I know is I really enjoy taking pictures, sharing them, seeing other people's pictures, and finding inspiration where ever I can. :-)

I'm very interested in photography and graphic design and I think it would be great to find a job in the field some day. I have the passion, but not the education (my degree is in Psychology/Sociology/Human Development). I'm always open to any suggestions on efficient ways to learn more or where I might be able to find a job in the field. If you happen to have any ideas... I would greatly appreciate them!

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Tiffany Bator
March 2006
Clarks Summit, PA
Scranton, PA, USA
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I never thought I'd work at a bank... but I like it! :-)