Photography is fun! I particularly like photographing nature, whether landscapes, plants, animals, or just the moon in the sky. I am fortunate enough to live close to the Blue Ridge Parkway (hence the first part of my screen name) and some truly gorgeous scenery.

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Another subject I photograph often are my cats (hence the last part of my screen name) and their antics. I also take pictures of the animals at the local shelter or pet fairs. It can be very rewarding to see cats being adopted because of the photographs you donated to a shelter or rescue.

BlueRidgeKitties - View my 'cat' photos on Flickriver


My camera serves a dual purpose for taking private pictures, but also photographing things for teaching and research. I'm studying Arabidopsis and teaching plant courses among other things, so you'll see quite a bit of greenery and flowery stuff in my photostream as well. Microscope images were taken at the botany lab or microscope facility at the university.

BlueRidgeKitties - View my 'botany' photos on Flickriver


Use of my images

One of the purposes of putting my pictures on Flickr is to make them available to other educators and scientists for use in teaching and research presentations. Please take note that I put a non-commercial share-alike license (Creative Commons) on many of my images to facilitate this. You may use these images freely for teaching purposes provided that you:

- give credit / provide a link back

- don't use them commercially (including ads)

- don't claim "all rights reserved" on modified versions you may create (you can't change the license)


Please also note: If you hotlink Flickr images elsewhere on the net (e.g. your blog), Flickr's terms of use require a link back to the original photo page on Flickr. I consider such a link sufficient attribution.


On some of my images I have "all rights reserved" and I ask that you please respect that. There is usually a reason for it (e.g. the image may have been taken on someone else's private property or show someone else's copyrighted work). If in doubt whether you can use an image, just contact me and ask.


Microscopy images

These pictures were mostly taken of the university's teaching collection of slides using microscopes and camera equipment at the university's microscope facility. They seem to be my most viewed/popular images. Unfortunately, they are not available for stock collections, nor do I have the full rights on them to grant commercial licenses. As an employee of the university, I have a chance to use the equipment for free, but usually there would be a usage fee involved, in particular for any commercial use. If you wish to use them for teaching purposes in your classroom, that's perfectly fine. Attribution should include the name of the university - please contact me for details if needed.


Pictures of people

I only post pictures of people if I am sure there are no privacy concerns. I assume this to be the case for pictures taken at public events where photography was expressly permitted. If however you find yourself in one of my images and feel uncomfortable with having it online, please let me know and I'll be happy to remove them.


My use of favorites

Different people use their favorites for different things. I appreciate comments and favorites on my images, but I mainly use my favorites to mark images that I think may be useful for teaching. So please understand: if I don't reciprocate your faving of my images, it doesn't mean I don't like your images. I love browsing through photos and will frequently comment or bookmark and return to images I like, I just like to reserve my favs page as a convenient repository for pictures I might come back to when prepping for class.


For group admins

Thank you for inviting me or my pictures to your groups! But please take note: I have come to dislike mandatory comment/award groups and won't join such groups any more. I have also grown a dislike of large and/or animated graphics in comments, so I avoid submitting pictures to groups that mandate using such comment codes. I may occasionally go through my images and delete comments that contain large or animated graphics. I will not join or add pictures to groups that have their content locked away as "members only" - I want to be able to see what I'm committing to before I join a group and the whole point of adding my images to groups is to share them with the public anyway. And lastly, I won't join or add pictures to groups that fall outside of my safety settings.


Group links

From time to time I clean up my group list because it is getting way too long. However, sometimes I may want to come back to a group, so this is basically just a long list of "bookmarks" to find them again. I wished Flickr had some way to better organize your groups!


Flickr stuff:


Admin Help - Assistance for Groups

Flickr Ideas

Flower macros, sunsets, & cats


Cameras, equipment, processing techniques:


Canon PowerShot SX10 IS

Canon PowerShot SX10 IS Macro & SuperMacro

Canon PowerShot SX40 HS

CHDK for Canon SX10, SX20, SX30


Raynox's Close Up Lenses

Photoshop Support Group

DOF Stacking

Tilt-shift Miniature Fakes - TiltShiftMaker photos

QOOP - LULU Publications


Colors, patterns, shapes, photography styles and other artsy stuff:


Photography Critique


Black and White

Black and White HDR

Square Images of A Single Color

Complementary Colors

Green is Beautiful

Mellow Yellow



Prints of Darkness

Red Rule - The RED makes it (without dominating)

Something Blue


Natural Patterns, Shapes, and Textures

Hearts in Nature - Hearts of Nature

People Silhouettes

Squared Circle

Spiral Mandala

Spirals, twists and curls


ICM - Intentional Camera Movement

Tell a story in 5 frames (Visual story telling)


Caspar David Friedrich Inspiration

Fine Art & Gothic Botanical Portraiture

Minimalist Landscapes

Russian decorative art - small forms


Macro and close-ups:


An Awesome Close-Up (No People)

Close-Ups and Macros

Closer and Closer Macro Photography



Regional and travel:


Airplane Wings

Window seat please


Eastern US and North Carolina:


Eastern North America Nature

Georgia and Carolina Nature Shots

Beautiful NC

Panoramic North Carolina

North Carolina Sunsets/Sunrises

Waterfalls of the Carolinas


Western North Carolina

Blowing Rock, NC

Boone, NC


Hiking North Carolina

North Carolina's Mountains to Sea Trail




Appalachian Mountain Photos

Smoky and Blue Ridge Mountains

Appalachian Trail

Blue Ridge Parkway - The Blue Ridge Parkway

Grandfather Mountain - Grandfather Mountain Nature Photography Weekend

Mt. Mitchell NC




Creative Commons Germany

Deutschland in Bildern

Panoramen aus Deutschland

Rural Europe


Frauenkirche Dresden


Schleswig Holstein





North Sea Oil and Gas

Salt marshes & green beaches of Europe

Wadden Sea - Wattenmeer

Nordzee - North Sea - Mer du Nord - Nordsee - Nordsee - North Sea - Ostsee - Baltic Sea




It came from the sea!

Lighthouse Lovers

Lighthouses of the World

Lighthouses worldwide

Shrimp Boats

Spezialschiffe - DGzRS


Cat stuff:


All Cats - No People

Cats Cats Cats

CAT Gato Chat Katze Gatto Kat Kot

Foto Cats

Cute Cat

I love my cat

Cat Couples - Cat Trios - Multiple Cats

Cat Century

Pet Cinerama


Cat Belly Lovers

Cat Eyes

Cat Portraits

Aged Cats


Action Cats

Cat Behavior

Cat Criminalz

Cats leaving the scene

Cats taking a bath

Created by Animals

Look what the cat dragged in!

My Cat is Evil and he is trying to take over the world.

Naughty Pets

Playful Cats

Seriously pi**ed off cats

Sleeping Cats


Car Cats

Cat Enclosures

Cats in Bags/Boxes

Cats in Bathtubs

Cats in Odd Places

Cats in Windows


Norwegian Forest Cats

Russian Blue

Siamese Cats and their Feline Brothers


Black & White Cats

Black Cats

Calico and Tortishell Cats

Gray Cats

Grey & White Cats

Orange Cats

Spotted Tabby Cats

Tabby Cats

Tuxedo Cats

White Cats


Animal Rescue

Rescued Pets

Looking for a home

Shelter Cats and Kittens Looking for Good Homes

Shelter Shots: Photographers Donating Photography to Shelters


Other animals:


Albino Animals - Different is beautiful (Animals with unorthodox colors)

Animal Closeups

Animal Eyes

Animal Migration

Backyard Wildlife - Garden Wildlife

Predator and Prey

Scary Animals

Signs of wildlife - Tracks and Scat

Stuff With No Legs




Bears of the World

Beavers Beavers Beavers

Chipmunks - Chipmunks and Squirrels - Squirrels

Deer - The Whitetail Deer

Dogs! Dogs! Dogs!

For the love of horses... - Wild Horses







Birds at Feeders

Birds of North Carolina

Canada Geese

Cardinals - The Bird

Carolina Wrens

Common Eider

Ducks - Duck Duck Goose

Eagles of the World

Finches and Sparrows

Great Crested Grebes


Juncos, Juncos, and more Juncos




Tufted Titmouse - The Bird

Wild Geese

Wild Turkey




Appalachian Salamanders

Reptiles & Amphibians

Reptiles & Amphibians of North America

Frogs, Frogs, Frogs - Frogs and Toads - Tadpoles

Snakes - Snakes Eastern North America


Fishy things:


Field Guide: Fish of the World

Stingrays - Manta rays - any rays


Insects and spiders:


Insect Identification Help Group


Insects and Spiders

Insect & Spider Videos

Insect Nests

Insects in love


Ants - The Secret Life of Ants

Bee Spotting - Honey & Bee

An Inordinate Fondness for Beetles

Butterflies of Eastern USA - North Carolina Butterflies, Moths and Caterpillars

Butterfly Color

Swallowtail Butterflies



Hoverflies of the world

Spiders - The Spider Web - Spider-ville - Spider Web



Other invertebrates:




Teaching resources and science stuff:


Life Sciences Teaching Resource

Encyclopedia of Life Images

ARKive - images of life on Earth

Eastern North America Nature

Georgia and Carolina Nature Shots

Nature Videos

Protected or Endangered Species

Invasive Species

Growing on Bare Rock


Botanical Morphology and Anatomy



Flower Mutations

Economic Botany

Pests & Diseases of Plants

Plant Health Images - Insect and Disease

Plant Galls

Symbiosis and Coevolution

Pollen Swapping

Pollination Nation

Viva Evolution!

The boneyard

Cell Biology



Optical Instruments and Optical Equipment


Molecular Biology

DNA mania




Optical Phantoms, Mirages and Illusions

Earth Science Teaching Resource


Biologists on Flickr

Creative Professors

Eye for Science


Mad Scientists - Mad Science

Science Nerd Depot

The Art of Science




Generic flower and plant groups:


Blue Flowers

Green Petals - green flowers only!

Multi-Colored Flowers

Pink Flowers

Purple Flowers

Red Flowers

Spotted Flowers

White Flowers Only

Yellow Flowers


Flower Center Macro

Flower Close-Ups

Flowers of Spring



Ant Plants - Myrmecodia and related genera

Carnivorous Plants


Leaves (No Trees Please!!!)

NO FLOWERS: Botanical close-ups

Parasitic Plants

Peculiar Plants

Plants that look out of this world!

Rare Plants of the World


Secret Life of Plants

Spring Bulbs

Toxic Plants

Wild Vines


Regional, Field Guides, ID help:


ID Me - Please help ID this - What plant is that?


Identified Plants Directory - Botany group

Plant Family Recognition

Wildflower Field Guide, North America

UBCBG Botany Photo of the Day


NC Flowers

North Carolina Native Plants

Tennessee Native Plants

Wildflowers of Eastern US

Wildflowers of the Appalachians

Wildflowers of the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains


Flowering Plants - species, families, etc:









Bleeding Hearts



Bromeliaceae - Bromeliads


Calla Lily





Daffodil World


Euphorbia - Euphorbiaceae



Iris Flowers


Liliacaea and its relatives

Milkweed (Asclepias spp.) - The Milkweed Zoo

Mint Family... Lamiaceae


Onagraceae (excluding Fuchsia hybrids)



Pansies and Violas

Pea Family / Fabaceae


Poison Ivy



Ranunculaceae - wildflowers

Rosaceae (The Rose Family) - Roses - A Rose - A Queen in itself...



Scophulariaceae Phrymaceae


St. John's Wort

The Bluebells Photo Group

Trillium appreciation


Urticaceae (stinging nettle family)




Non-flowering plants:


Moss - Moss and Lichen - Mosses & Liverworts

Fern Allies



Equisetum, the horsetail

just ferns... - Fiddleheads


Trees and shrubs:



Azaleas and Rhododendrons



Field Guide to Trees of the World

Field Guide: Flowering Trees of the World


Apple blossom


Hamamelidaceae (witch hazel family)


Tulip Tree Blossoms

Genus Acer - Maples

Oak Trees: The Quercus Club



Tree Photos

Tree Pics

Trees in Flower

Trees in Mist

Tree Silhouettes

Lonely Tree

Autumn Leaves - Fall Foliage

Tree Barks

Dead Trees


Fruits, seeds, herbs and veggies:


Edible Flowers and Herbs

Medicinal, Aromatic and Wild (or rare) Edible Plants

Herbs & Spices

Spice and herbs of the world


Apples from Mother Nature

Beans, Beans and Beans

Berries and fruit


Everything Strawberries

Great Grains

Hot Peppers / Food



Seed heads / seed pods / berries


The Germination Station



Not actually plants:







Mushrooms, fungus, moss, mold, and growths!

Mushroom Anatomy 101


Mycelium Running


I love... mold...!?



Slime Molds


Up in the sky:


Sunsets & Sunrises around the world

Sonnenuntergang am Meer



Clouds & Sunrays

Crepusclular Rays


Moon & Moonscapes - The Moon (current photos only)


The Planet Venus


Weather and seasons:


World Weather Phenomena (Event)

Wind Turbine / Windenergieanlage / Windpark / Wind Farm

Fog and Rain


Snow - The Main Subject - Snow, Snow, Snow!


Ice Storms

Ice is nice!


Natural Ice Formations


Fall Into Autumn

Winter Sea




Running Water

Water Drops

Water Drops, Flowers and Plants

Water on Flowers/Plants

Water... Oceans, Lakes, Rivers, Creeks

World of Water Drops

World Waterfall Database

Read more


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