Originally from Auld’s Cove, Nova Scotia, this 31year old Bluenoser run aground in the grind of the big smoke for over 12 years. Due to past complications with HIV now retired from telecom engineering October 2006. Presently an active volunteer at Rainbow Medicinal Cannabis, assisting the sick with Health Canada Licensing.
A photograph of lily’s silhouette during a sunset on Lake Muskoka opened eyes to a new world. Rural sunsets are the best, yet his collection includes; urban and rural London UK, San Francisco, Nova Scotia, Toronto, and Southern Ontario. Anything from close-ups of trash to odd angles of structures or ordinary objects....is all an experiment, with great results.

The bluenose was the fastest tall ship and never lost a race, hence why it's on the back of the Canadian dime (10 cents)
The Bluenose Mystery
Nova Scotians have been known as "Bluenosers" for many generations, but the origin of the term is surrounded by mystery.
Many people believe the famed schooner Bluenose was the source, but the ship adopted its name from its common use.

Theory's are as follows:

1) The blue sweaters saliors wore were used to cover their face and nose.....and the blue dye would leave a mark on their noses.

2) Fishing boats from Nova Scotia would paint their bows blue for recognition.

3) One pirate or privateer ship had a cannon on the bow, painted blue and was nick named bluenose.

4) Potatoes exported from Nova Scotia were mostly blue....and potatoes look like a fat nose...bluenose :)

5)After the US Revolution, the loyalists came to Nova Scotia to remain under the King's Rule were sarcastically labeled "Bluenoser's" Royal blue....you can guess how the nose part got there.

6) Thomas Haliburton, who wrote under the pseudonym Sam Slick, wrote of life in the colonies and titled the locals as "Bluenosers"

I also begain volunteering at
now open with online applications

my email is bluenosekub@gmail.com

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