Photography... It’s a feel... a taste... a moment of peace... a moment of life... a raise for the spirit to come and emerge with every single beauty in life... it’s a Life...

Sun lights shining the greens all around... walking barefooted to feel the ground... listening to the birds music... staring at the unlimited sky... with a cool breeze flying my short curlies on my face... and opening my eyes to notice every single detail... every day is an awesome day... feeling every moment with a touch of beauty all around... what could be better?...

That what I feel when I walk in our garden holding my camera and taking photos for every beauty I find... I can never be thankful enough to him, all what I could say... thank you God for giving me another day to live and see this...

My world begins from my lens... When I hold my camera in my hands, put the viewfinder on my eye, my whole senses merge with it, I become the camera and the camera becomes me, and then I flow all my feelings through the lens, that's the way my photos come out...

Our treasures is our hearts and spirits...

Thank you for your visit ツ

And for my treasures precious friends, Thank you so much for all your wonderful words and gifts, I'm touched everyday by your love

If you would like to visit my blog, you're welcome any time, hope you will like it ! ツ

My Hedgehogs set ツ

You can find me also on:

Google+ - deviantART - ipernity - 500px

I'm 33 years old ツ
This is how I celebrated my 30th birthday :D

Me 30!!!

"The Noblest Hands..."

my most beloved gentleman and greatest inspiration in my life... Pa :)

The Noblest Hands...

My Tools:

Sony Alpha DSLR α200
Sigma 18-50 F3.5-5.6 DC
Sony AF 75-300 F4.5-5.6 SAL-75300

Wish Lens: ツ
Minolta AF 100 F2.8 Macro D

And for the photos before 9/9/2008 I used Sony Ericsson K750i.

Useful sites:
For photography:
Minolta / Sony
Digital Cameras
Digital Photography School
very cool site for all arts: Noupe

For flowers and bugs identifications:
My Wildflowers
What's That Bug?

Please, all photos and writings are copyrighted, Do Not use any of them in any website or blog without my permission... Thanks !


"Lets Talk about Love and Peace in Nature":

Lets Talk about Love and Peace in Nature (Only Nature). Get yours at

"Bluey ! The Nature in Blue""

Bluey ! The Nature in Blue... (Only Blue Nature !! ). Get yours at

"Life is Beautiful ! Enjoy It !":

Life is Beautiful... Enjoy it !. Get yours at

"The Noble Spirit"

The Noble Spirit. Get yours at

The Noble Spirit

Feel free to join any of them ツ

About contacts:
I really appreciate your interest in adding me as a contact, and I will be more glad with your interest in my photos, but please don't be offended if I didn't add you as a contact in return, but sure if you commented on any of my photos I will comment on yours as soon as possible.
Thank you for understanding! ツ

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    Ashley1954 says:

    "Ran'spirit shines so bright! She is a girl of beauty and grace. Her stream is a magical and creative work of art. You can't help but find inspiration from her work!
    Look at her beautiful skies, her gorgeous flowers, her lovely toys! Her compositions are always awesome. Ran has the ability to create beauty, enchantment, magic, playfulness or wonderment in every photo. It reaches down to your soul. Each photo shows the diversity of this wonderful person. Each picture is different from the other. And it is more than a picture. It is Art.
    I felt in love with her work when I saw for the first time her adorable hedgehogs! What a great story and wonderful photos ! You must see that set !
    Thank you Ran for your friendship."

    January 29th, 2013

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    rabidash* says:

    "On this 30th birthday Of Ran, I wish her all the very best in her life & carrier...
    She is a wOnderful FliCkr Friend and a talented Blue PhOtO Artist.

    May GOD bless her & her LOved Ones..."

    January 19th, 2013

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    ​favourite waste of time​ says:

    "Ah, what to say about Ran, One of the most special people I know on Flickr. Really from the first day I came across her stream I thought we must be long lost sisters. I love her way of looking at the world and often the words she writes are ones already spoken in my heart. Funny that she lives half way around the world from me. Her favourite colour is blue as is mine and she loves chocolate so how could I not like her? But really, what I love the most about Ran is that if ever I am having a bad day or feeling a little down I know that whatever she posts will cheer me up. She will thrill me with her fantastic imagination, her great photographic talent and also touch me with her words. She really does have an old soul, she cares about all the people around her, she is sensitive and kind, she has a heart bigger than anyone else I know and I am so lucky to have found her on Flickr and so glad we are friends. Have a peek through her photos and you will be captivated yourself."

    December 6th, 2009

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    wash52121 says:

    "My Lovely friend Ran,

    I should have written this long ago, but late better than never! I am amazed by a LOT of people here on Flickr, and you are at the top of my list. You took notice of me very early on in my flickr days and supported me, and encouraged me. You welcomed me with your gracious caring words. I so appreciate you! you evoke true passion with your photos, and evoke true passion with your words.

    I love that we are friends, I get to see a true artist do her thing and get to become a better person in the process,
    Thank you for everything..."

    December 5th, 2009

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    Daniela Errico *Dea Nera* says:

    "Ran has a sensitive soul, and her shots reflect this. So delicate and pure, she inspire peace and serenity in a shot! She's a very good flickr friend!"

    August 1st, 2009

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    sk3l says:

    "Ran is one of the sweetest people I’ve met on flickr. She is always there to help =) she helped me so many times to look for diff species for flowers/bees. She is one of THE best flickr friends while always active and ready to give feedback. Her work is really interesting and full of life. The first time I visited her photostream I felt all these vibes of friendship oozing out from here work and the interesting descriptions that come along with her shots are totally worth reading. All the best and keep smiling ur a really sweetheart."

    June 14th, 2009

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    swt snookie says:

    "This is long overdue dear one! Ran is a very special lady, her shots show the beauty of nature, and her love of life!! Her inspiring spirit for her flickr friends brings us joy everyday! She is a women of faith a women of peace and love. Our world leaders should take a lesson from you sweet friend!
    I first saw you on flickr with your adorable hedgehog. How gently you held him in your hands! You are an inspiring person, a talented person and a wonderful friend!!!! I am blessed to call you my friend! Love and hugs!!!!!"

    February 24th, 2009

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    Paperpix2 says:

    "BlueLunarRose.....dear Ran, the world of Flickr would not be same without you. A good soul who always sees the cup as half full rather than half empty.
    Visit her photostream and you will discover beautiful photography and poetry.....and of course her adorable baby hedgehogs!"

    February 17th, 2009

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    Roberto Gardella says:

    "I remember the day I met Ran on was thank to another dear friend, Jacinta, who linked me the tender photo of the hedgehog!!
    From that day, I discovered that the hands that were cradling the little, belongs to a wonderful person!
    Day after day she showed her talent in photography and her big heart!
    Ran, you are one of my flickrfriends I would really love to meet by person, to spend some time taking photos together, having a cup of tea......
    I'm really glad I met you.............keep up the good work and...........I just can't wait for the next masterpiece on your stream!!
    With deep esteem and sympathy...


    January 29th, 2009

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    sarah(soso) says:

    "She is a very talented & lovely person..
    It's a joy watching her photo stream..
    She is one of my best flicker friends..
    From the bottom of my heart I wish you all the best..

    January 22nd, 2009

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    Xploiтєя ™ says:

    "Here i m King of Kings , i m Xploiter ;) its now Time to write a Testi for a Cute Princess Ran a.k.a BlueLunar Rose :D , ok let me think what should i write for her , hmmmmmmmm h mmmmmmmmmmm h mmmmmmmmmmm , i think this testimonial is Not Enough to Tell you about Ran ;)
    She is such a Nice person , believe me :DI like her a looooooooooot :P and Proudly say , She is one of my best Friend , if she does not come on Flickr , i dont take interest in flickr i logout :D lolx.........

    And my biggest wish that i work on Ran Self portrait and i put my texture on it :P , lolx but still waiting how and when i grab her and create a master piece like i do on my Pics :D ........

    Ran is such a sweet person , very funny & Funky , and I love her poetry too :D she is a Genius ;)

    And last thing she is the Queen of Flower shots , i love all the shot that he Captured , and every day i wish for her that pic goes in explore then i wish its goes in Front page too :D

    Very creative mind she is , because she is my Friend ;)
    we meet few month back but its seems like that we know each other from centuries :P , this is why i say above she is one of my bestest Friend ........
    I love to visit her stream every day i think 20 to 30 time for the comments Fav notes & Tag :D , coz she is only flickr member that i enjoy to give remarks :P you are so lucky girl ;) i m you friend =)

    I wish One day i meet you in a Person in front of me , and we captured , these beautiful flowers Together , so when you invite me ??????? :P
    Allah Bless You Ran , my Best wishes with you always ;) all the best for the future =)
    Have a nice day

    Regards : Atif (Xploiter ™)"

    January 14th, 2009

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    thejeffreywscott says:

    "BlueLunarRose has the real Spirit of Photography and the beauty that it can bring into our lives. I am but a newcomer to Flickr yet I have the same ambitions. Ironically, Blue has always been my favorite color.

    I am most impressed with her Extensive Profile. It sets an example for the rest of us. Thankyou, RAN, for your works and inspiration."

    December 23rd, 2008

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    .fulvio says:

    "My "BLUE" friend. When you think about blue you have to keep in mind just ONE artist: BlueLunarRose. Her flowers are amazing, full of color, the Blue one. BlueLunarRose is also a "Caramel" friend, dew and drops are so........sweet. She is one of my first Flickr friend and I love her work. She is always present and her world is actually my world.
    Thanks to be my friend (Both Blue and Caramel :-))"

    November 20th, 2008

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    Jay Bees Pics says:

    "I don't know whether to start with Ran the amazing photographer or Ran the amazing person because she is certainly both. Just one glance at Ran's photostream & you will certainly agree that she is a very talented, creative artist & her shots never cease to amaze or disappoint me. Her nature & wildlife shots are stunning & her "blue" shots are second to none.

    Ran is also the originator of some very fine groups focusing on appreciation of the beautiful things in life like love, peace & harmony & the abundant love she has certainly shines through.

    If there were more people like Ran the world would be a better place, don't ever change my dear, sweet flickr friend!"

    November 17th, 2008

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    Edmond Valerio says:

    """ Bluelunarrose " or Ran is a very creative and talented photographer here in Flickr and I love her photostream... be it nature photographs or common scene in our daily lives. She has great talent and I am amazed about the vastness of her skills in dealing with images which enables her to produce outstanding photographs that really shows the depth of a scene that vividly brings out the meaning of a picture to life.
    Ran you are one of the people who make Flickr so much fun.Thank's for sharing your skills and talent with us.
    Go on with the creative work of yours my friend, and spread the joy among us with your lovely photographs."

    October 20th, 2008

  • view profile

    HappyPlatypus says:

    "I'm lucky enough to meet BlueLunarRose -- Ran -- through Flickr, and I will always be grateful.

    Not only is she a fabulous photographer who posts creative and artistic photos that I can learn from, but she is a force for positivity in this world.

    It's interesting to me. I was rather depressed recently, and I discovered that BlueLunarRose had commented on some of my pictures. She invited them to be posted in a couple of groups, groups that focus on positivity in the world.

    Her comments brightened my day, and her introduction brightened my experience on Flickr. The groups she invited me to feature some of the most beautiful and happy pictures on Flickr.

    Since I originally wrote a testimonial for Ran, I've gotten to know her through Flickrmail, and I'm very delighted that this has happened! She administers -- and founded -- three of the most awesome and spiritually positive groups on Flickr. I really love them, not only for their positivity, but for the beauty of the photos therein.

    Those groups -- which you can find listed on Ran's profile, are:

    Take time to join them and participate in them. You'll be glad you did.

    Ran, I'm so glad we've become friends! You're very talented at photography, and you're such a good person! And you have darling hedgehogs!


    October 13th, 2008

  • view profile

    umar36 says:

    "Ran is one of the really incredibly talented and positive mined persons i have come across on flickr. She see love and peace in everything around her, and doesn't feel shy to spread it :))
    The first time i stumbled upon her hedgehog pic,.... i was so jealous(ha ha ha!),....and when i noticed that it was taken with a cellphone camera, jealousy knew no bounds(LOL!)
    She is original in her captures and very candid in expressing her thoughts about them, most important of all , she is one of the those rare people on flickr who read what you have written under your pic, and then gives you a most encouraging and nice comment!!
    I am sure all the hedgehogs in her neighbourhood must know her very well, but not a single one carries a look of fear in the pics that she took of them!!
    She has also made me work hard now since she got a SLR camera, soon there will be no room for me and my camera on the A-200 page :))
    Best of luck and best wishes for everything that you do in your life!!"

    October 9th, 2008

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    chris.spins (OFF) says:

    "I feel so proud to count Ran as a friend on Flickr - she has been there for me right from the start of my adventure on Flickr - she is always encouraging with her comments, and is generous with her time. Her photostream is an inspiration.. She has a kind heart and a clever mind - i would love to sit and chat with her in her kitchen, and enjoy sharing the produce of her garden - and stroke a hedgehog !"

    September 4th, 2008

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    annt189 says:

    "Bluelunarrose, Ran, is my flickr friend, a great support and valued contact. A friend whose photos portray the nicest side of life with tender feeling.

    Bluelunarrose focuses on nature and beautiful flowers and is a hard working admin for two lovely groups "Lets Talk about Love and Peace" and "Bluey" It is a privilege to have met you on flickr Ran, thanks."

    July 30th, 2008

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    toocoolringlady(tremors are little better) says:

    "Bluelunarrose is a fantastic photographer with an exceptional eye for beauty. A great encouragement to others. A wonderful contact to have. Thank you for being such a wonderful person to share photographs with."

    June 25th, 2008

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