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    HenrikHansen says:

    "I follow quite a few people here on flickr, but the one person I instantly look for in the latest uploads from my contacts is Hannes Caspar. I absolutely love what he comes up with, and I look forward to following him for years to come. :)"

    11th May, 2013

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    p3p510 says:

    "Your work is incredibly beautiful, a delight."

    7th February, 2013

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    Manuel Spleen says:

    "Quiet ...
    A great teacher.
    Wise, clean, simple.

    it's my first testimonial."

    1st December, 2012

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    Vitaly_S says:

    "Your portraits are amazing! So stunning and emotional..."

    23rd November, 2012

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    fazlie_smj says:

    "absolutely inspiring work..."

    2nd April, 2012

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    Nicoleta:) says:

    "Your work is amazing!It is so inspirational and so beautiful in every aspect.The models,the eyes,the emotions they trasmit to the viewer,it's just incredible.You are doing a great job,i have favorited almost all of your works,and i am coming always back to your photos,wishing i could add them to my favourites one more time.The beauty of your art is so subtile,you are a great visulizer and artist.
    Wish you good luck, and hope you continue to create food for my eyes and my soul)"

    29th January, 2012

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    Innis McAllister says:

    "Wonderful work! Thoughtful, intelligent and of a consistently very high standard. Very well done."

    15th January, 2012

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    O Ricard says:

    "With an understated elegant intimacy, bluecut achieves an original surreal, expressionist vision on the human form I haven't seen elsewhere on Flickr. Bravo!"

    16th December, 2011

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    Sarah Abdurrahman says:

    "❤_❤ .. ❤_❤
    Hello ..❤
    First I want to say is you are very accomplished photographer
    You in your business and art of every day shows a great job and beautiful
    You are honest, and photographers who loved them too and I like to look at their business on a daily basis
    I have the ambition and luck in all your works

    27th November, 2011

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    neo.tux says:

    "Big fan of your work, go on !!"

    13th November, 2011

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    jessicawlevin says:

    "you are brilliant.
    an inspiration."

    22nd September, 2011

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    Heli Cs says:

    "Your gallery is one of the best I've seen, I especially like the videos. He is a great artist."

    17th July, 2011

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    Valerio Boncompagni. says:

    "can you please stop taking wonderful pictures?
    thank you."

    23rd January, 2011

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    Emre Ucar says:

    "Highly Recommended."

    1st January, 2011

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    byNeil™ - says:

    "Just dead good and inspiring."

    14th November, 2010

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    Albert Mollon says:

    "Blue cut, nº1 in powerful portraits!!! i love your work!!!!"

    22nd September, 2010

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    Varadera says:

    "Un trabajo sensacional."

    10th August, 2010

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    ValetheKid says:

    "your work is amazing!"

    17th November, 2008

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    Mauro Brancorsini says:

    "a pure mastermind!
    a fuckin genius!
    a perfect artist and poet!
    man you are a total inspiration!"

    20th September, 2008

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    bye bye オモイデ says:

    "Glamour, elegance, romance, emotions, bluecut's art has it all."

    10th August, 2008

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    afternoon love in says:

    "I rediscovered bluecut's profile only yesterday and here i am writing a testimonial for him. His portrait work is exceptional and truly inspirational. The use of light in his pictures is just perfect.

    I look forward to seeing more great pics from him, Keep up the good work."

    4th May, 2008

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    piotr.pedziszewski says:

    "One of the most interesting artist on Flickr, his style is unique and inspiring. Photographer with a talent!"

    21st March, 2008

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    historiesinrust says:


    24th February, 2008

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    A.N.A.N.D.A says:

    " Bluecut has an excellent eye for Photography,One of the most talented, natural photographers on Flickr,All The Time his photos are telling a story(full of emotion)

    24th January, 2008

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    leschick says:

    "amazing talent, so fresh......."

    10th November, 2007

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    `✦´ says:

    "Softness is a name for his work
    absolutely inspiring
    good luck , hugs"

    7th October, 2007

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    TNT Photo says:

    "Just absolutely wonderful work!"

    7th October, 2007

Hannes Caspar
June 2007
Berlin, Germany