Hi, I'm John Merriman, the Local Studies Librarian at Blue Mountains City Library, based at Springwood in New South Wales, Australia.
Contact me at : jmerriman@bmcc.nsw.gov.au
My work phone is 02 4723 5044.

Here you will find selected high resolution images from our collection. Images which we think are useful, interesting, quirky, historically significant, posses artistic merit, or we just want to know more about.

Please feel free to comment and add more information if you wish. If you make an enquiry or comment on an image, we do ask, as a matter or courtesy, that you identify yourself and provide a profile or an email address so we can respond; otherwise you may wish to contact the Library direct with your enquiry.

Unfortunately we are unable to deal with requests to research Family History via Flickr. In most cases any personal information in captions is all the information we have to date or are able to supply.

If you wish to post an image comment, please ensure it is thumbnail size or just a link. Posting an image comment larger than the main image is bad manners. Large image comments will be deleted.

The majority of these images are available under a Creative commons share alike, non-commercial use only licence, with attribution to the library.

Creative Commons LicenseThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Please ask our permission before using any images and attribute to: Blue Mountains City Library, Local Studies Collection

For any images used with the owner's permsission and subject to copyright or where copyright is unclear, we have used the label "copyright reserved". Please respect this.

In some cases we have named an owner who has donated the images, please do likewise if you use them. In all cases we ask that you respect the intellectual property of the photographer if known.

Subject Headings are based on, but not restricted to, the Australian Pictorial Thesaurus - www.picturethesaurus.gov.au/

A larger image collection is available at the main library web site shown on this page.

You can find us at : www.bmcc.nsw.gov.au/yourcommunity/library

The Local Studies Blog has more images and longer historical articles : bmlocalstudies.blogspot.com/

My library podcasts can be found here - listenersinthemist.podbean.com/

Contemporary Blue Mountains images may be found at my personal Flickr site: www.flickr.com/photos/merryjack/

View my photos at bighugelabs.com

Vintage Australian Landscapes. Get yours at bighugelabs.com

Annual Report 2013
We finished the year with 1,028,474 total views on 685 images.
Daily views averaged 3,000 - 4,000 and each image was viewed between 3 and 60 times daily.
Most popular was the Holden Monaro and the Buckle Mini Monaco on Craven A corner at Catalina Park Circuit with 7,238 views; followed by the Geological Sketch Map of Katoomba and Brief History of Coal Mining with 7,043. In the top 20 were the Granville Train Disaster images and the 1957 Bushfires.
Much useful information has emerged from comments and we have 206 enthusiastic followers.

Groups we administer:
Blackheath NSW www.flickr.com/groups/blackheath_nsw/
Blue Mountains Birds www.flickr.com/groups/blue_mountains_birds/
Blue Mountains By Night www.flickr.com/groups/blue_mountains_by_night/
Blue Mountains Cemeteries www.flickr.com/groups/blue_mountains_cemeteries/
Blue Mountains Gardens www.flickr.com/groups/blue_mountains_gardens/
Blue Mountains Murals www.flickr.com/groups/blue_mountains_murals/pool/
Blue Mountains Native Plants www.flickr.com/groups/blue_mountains_native_plants/
Blue Mountains Public Art www.flickr.com/groups/blue_mountains_public_art/
Blue Mountains Reptiles www.flickr.com/groups/blue_mountains_reptiles/
Hartley www.flickr.com/groups/hartley_nsw/
Hill End www.flickr.com/groups/hill_end/
Katoomba www.flickr.com/groups/katoomba/
Lawson www.flickr.com/groups/lawson_nsw/
Leura www.flickr.com/groups/leura_nsw/
Lithgow www.flickr.com/groups/lithgow/
Mount Victoria www.flickr.com/groups/mount_victoria_nsw/
Mount Wilson & surrounds
Sofala NSW www.flickr.com/groups/sofala/
Springwood NSW www.flickr.com/groups/springwood_nsw/
Square Australia www.flickr.com/groups/square_australia/
Wentworth Falls NSW www.flickr.com/groups/wentworth_falls_nsw/

If you have any early Blue Mountains photos you would like to donate to the library collection or you wish to use any of the images commercially, my email is shown here or send me a Flickr mail.

Thanks for stopping by. Cheers, John

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    opsbooks says:

    "A great place to visit with some fine historical photos here, and I look forward to seeing new arrivals with much interest. Keep 'em coming!"

    22nd June, 2008

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    J. C. Merriman says:

    "This is a great little site just starting out and well worth a look for anyone interested in Blue Mountains history"

    6th June, 2008

May 2008
Springwood, New South Wales
City of Blue Mountains, Australia
Librarian, historian
Blue Mountains City Library