Location - Dublin, Ireland
Political Affiliations - Whilst we support, or take an interest in, many political movements and causes, we are not affiliated with any political parties, activist groups, etc. We are completely independent, and will remain so, although, we do reserve the right to have a point of view!
What can I find on BlatantWorld.com? - Statistics, datasets, facts & figures and videos across a broad range of interests, including human rights, science, sustainability, technology, children's rights, women's rights, energy, health, education, finance, military, crime, history and the media.
Who produces BlatantWorld.com videos and statistics? - All of the statistics and films which you see on our website were originally created by outside sources - mostly governmental bodies and NGO's. Our aim is to gather many of these films and statistics together, so that our visitors can access them easily.
Who finances BlatantWorld.com? - We pay all our bills ourselves through income from our website - which is derived completely from adverts placed throughout & donations - and we cover any shortfall from our own pockets. Our website can be maintained with fairly minimal financial investment, therefore, there is no reason for us to ever be in anybody's pocket.

*Please note...the photos you see on display here are all public domain photos, all of which have been used within articles contained on www.blatantworld.com. They have been edited and are hearby re-released into the Public Domain by Blatant World.

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