Blank Noise this place archives photographs you have sent of public places and locations you have been sexually violated , 'eve teased', sexually harassed at.

To contribute, take your camera to the site of crime- could be any camera- quality is not important as much as your act of revisiting and documenting.

Email it to us at with information such as what occurred and at what time. Please add in details such as your age and name and ofcourse which city it took place in.

Your contributions will be put on a world wide map that will specifically identify each participant's site of sexual assault.

If you do not wish to have your name up- do tell us.

You are further requested to introduce this idea to friends peers and all the women you know! In true spirit, cameras could be borrowed, shared, collective trips could be made to each person's site of violation.

We hope to hear from you. Let's Blank Noise This Place!

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March 2008