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Tired of the future.

  • JoinedFebruary 2004
  • OccupationDesigner
  • HometownPorthcawl
  • Current cityLondon
  • CountryUK
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Lopsided Mist (deleted)

Captain Scarlet with a Welsh accent.

May 20, 2005

He's from Wales and lives in Finland. If ever a poor fella' had to put up with two weird languages...

April 7, 2005

he's a bit of a geezer... that's a great thing to be...

April 7, 2005
holgate says:

The man emits ideas like a lump of plutonium. Without all the, y'know, bad stuff.

February 23, 2005

If Matt and I lived in the same place, we would be great friends (we are good friends anyway, I reckon).

March 17, 2004
paul pod says:

We never see him anymore! Wah!

February 20, 2004
pink sleep (deleted)

"Apart from threatening to turn me into a fur hat, he's a nice guy"

February 17, 2004
Mutber says:

one of the lovliest fellas ever

February 17, 2004