Bizone Apartments is an alternative to expensive and cramped hotel rooms. Located in the centre of Lublin, in the academic area, next to the Plaza Shopping Centre and the historic cemetery at Lipowa Street combine the close availability of shopping and tourist centre. The building that houses the apartment is located in a quiet area surrounded by greenery. The access to the building through the gate and separation from the traffic by low buildings - will provide peace and security.


We provide long-term and short-term services (as well as suites and rooms rented for hours). The price is based on the length of stay, but the longer you stay, the lower the price is. Accommodation in our apartments is ideal for both individual customers and business. Also for individuals, groups, as well as for families.


We differ from other apartments that we do not charge our clients for the number of people (the number of people who is able to sleep in the apartment is strictly defined and given for each of them), but we charge a fee "for the apartment."


The building has four apartments: SUN, ORANGE, NEGRO, UNDERGROUND. All apartments offered by us consist of separate rooms or flats. Each room has a bathroom, a refrigerator, a cable TV , the Internet access available through WIFI. Three apartments have fully equipped kitchens. We provide clean towels and clean sheets.

All rooms are mechanically ventilated throughout the year which ensures a constant supply of clean air.



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