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I assert and do not waive copyright for all images I place in this space. There is no implied or express consent for the use or reproduction of any image or text contained herein. Theft and display of images is exactly that, theft. Claiming to not know if an image is under copyright protection does not provide exemption from the provisions of US and/or treaty copyright protection.
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Artist's Statement

Since it's the images which concern us here, I’ll say that I make pictures of things and people and events which interest me. I am most often taken with the outward manifestation of what I perceive to be some inner truth, and that's what leads me to photograph.

I sometimes make images of pretty things because they bring particular delight in their sheer attractiveness, but am more often interested in how the essence of something can be captured by the camera. What that means is I often like broken buildings, broken people, marginalia, abandoned space, solitude. Enabling the viewer to see something—perhaps previously unseen or unrealized—is my goal, and no, the viewer won't necessarily see what I see.

In terms of athletics, I like to make photos of wrestling and wrestlers. This should make sense in light of what I’ve said above—the sport is the exhibition of the physical, mental and emotional inner lives of these athletes. It has been configured in some respects as a team effort, but the true experience is a solitary one. That’s evidenced on the mat, of course, but it truly comes to life before and after a man (or woman) wrestles: there may be camaraderie or cheering or consolation, but eventually every wrestler is a person alone. I like that aloneness—and often loneliness—and the ways wrestlers deal with and manifest it. It’s also a sport where there is obvious physical prowess and occasional beauty, but it's not really a pretty sport, and many (if not most) wrestlers aren't conventionally attractive. They are wrestlers, and it's that essence which i seek to capture.

I also make images of other athletes, and the above is true for them, too. I have observed the same behaviors and reactions in rowers, ballplayers, swimmers, cyclists and others. Many of these are individual competitors on manufactured teams.

I also make images of people I love. Again, in these—I hope—to convey something about them, not simply their appearance. For that reason, I shy away from conventional composed (and posed) images and portraits.

Enjoy what you see and let me know if and how it moves you.

I’m happy for folks to look at and admire my images. Please do not steal them or use them in ways not allowed by flickr and consented to expressly by me. I only make as contacts others with photos to view.
If you have questions, please don't hesitate to write.

Lastly, please remember that each image of a person is an image of someone who is someone's child, parent, sibling, or loved one. You may find them attractive or unattractive, the object of your desire or disgust, or something more (or less) profound. In any case, please respect the images and the people in them. Please try to be respectful.

All images © Lewis Brian Day, all rights reserved. No image may be used without express written permission from me.

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