The bitterroot is a wildflower in my home state of Montana.


My photos here reflect places that I find magical. Heart-places in Montana and Wisconsin show up randomly here, as well as other spots that have charmed me. These and other pristine places nourish the spirit.

I've shared more detail about some of these places in my blog at

I'm a wife and mom and medical educator with a loving family. Because I was raised in western Montana, I care very much about places that are as yet unspoiled. One way I try to preserve them is through my photos. More on this perspective here and here.

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    MaureenShaughnessy says:

    "Bitterroot was my first ever real-life-meetup Flickr friend. We spent a whole day together in Montana last fall -- both of us traveled to get to our meeting place -- and we hit it off from our first sight of each other. I am honored to be her friend and to be able to learn from her.

    Bitterroot has set about to record with her camera – and her heart – the pristine places she loves in both her homes, Wisconsin and Montana. Beginning a couple of years ago, I have watched with wonder, fascination and awe, her evolution from a relatively timid (her word) blogger who posted lovely photos of beautiful places … to a strong, gently-outspoken photographer who now posts incredible, stunning photos exploring deeper and deeper into those same beautiful earthly places.

    I particularly enjoy the connections Bitterroot sees between the lush woodlands and wetlands of Wisconsin and the seasonal extremes, glorious light and vast open spaces of her birthland, Montana. With luminous photos, Bitterroot demonstrates connections between these two contrasting places. The love she holds for the land -- no matter where she happens to be -- is one of those connections. The way she thinks of them both in the same breath is another. Her own heart is a third connection. I believe Bitterroot knows her favorite places on Earth by heart – literally – because I can see it in her imagery and hear it in her poetic descriptions.

    Bitterroot inspires me not only with her photography, but also with her dedication to her family and friends. One time she posted a lovely, voluptuous photo of Sleeping Woman Peak, with a note about keeping that mountain as a reference point in her life. I can tell that no matter where she is – Bitterroot is truly present in that place. Every stream, waterfall and rivulet, every misty lake and fog-shrouded aspen grove, every wooded vale and moss-covered log, every beam of sunlight and autumn leaf – and most surely, every person she is close to – is a reference point in her life. Her touchstones are many – I can imagine Bitterroot carrying a tiny piece of every place and every person she loves, in her pocket, to remind her of who she really is.

    If you have ever wondered about the meaning of the phrase “a sense of place,” browse her blog, Bitterroot and Bergamot and you will “get it.” Soul. Beauty. Connection. Love. Intelligence. Heart.

    This woman is amazing – I can prove it – just go look at her page of sets! I don’t think there is an aspect of nature she has not thought of exploring. Deeply. Go dive/swim/float in her flickrstream and if you’re lucky, some of her connection with nature will stick to you when you resurface …"

    December 14th, 2006

March 2005
Bitterroot and Bergamot