The International Biennial of Photography and Visual Arts has been organized since 1997 every two years by the Cultural Centre of Liège - Les Chiroux. The event focuses on a specific theme and combines a high quality artistic program with the largest possible accessibility (affordable entrance fee, artistic mediation systems). The Biennial has always supported young emerging artists from Belgium and abroad and has at the same time invited internationally recognized artists to Liège.

Each Liege Biennial offers the unique opportunity to discover the artistic creations of the country invited to present work from a selection of artists. Work from belgian artists will then be presented in the partner institution of the invited country and benefit in this way from an international showcase. The Biennial has already established ties with Chile, Canada, France, Poland, Portugal, Brazil and Germany in this manner. Finally we should mention the important educational workshops focussing on the chosen theme and undertaken with regional associations and schools one year before the Biennial.

BIP : A new Name

On the one hand the new name contains the heritage of the previous Biennials and on the other hand it confirms the aspect of the new, respecting numerous facets of the contemporary image. In fact the abbreviation BIP refers to the historical identity of the event, i.e. "Biennale internationale de la Photographie" [International Biennial of Photography], but it also puts us in mind of an electronic signal, communicating a particular interest in the New Media that we would like to accentuate in the future.

Indeed the hybridism of the forms of expression, status and forms and constellations of the image will have a central place in the exhibitions, the exploitation of these hybrid forms being essential for feeling the pulse of the contemporary visual creation. In this context photography and also video art and hybrid forms of visual arts will be shown alongside one another at "BIP".

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BIP Biennale de L'Image Possible
January 2011
Liège, Belgium
Photography / Visual Arts