My name is Steve Smart, the owner and designer of Billet Badges. I am a Mechanical Designer with a background in Industrial Design and Commercial Art and Design. Growing up I always wanted to get into automotive design, but it is a very difficult field to get into. So I focused on customizing my own vehicles.

Billet Badges got started in 2003 after I purchased my new Ford Super Duty and I did not like the OEM plastic badges and wanted to remove them for a clean look. I soon discovered the alignment holes in the fenders and tailgate. Being a designer, I decided to model up a custom designed badge for my new truck. I had my friend, who was a machinist; mill them out for me on his CNC. After I polished and painted them up, the first set of Billet Badges was made and installed. It wasn’t long after that I had people stopping me on the street and at intersections asking if my truck was a new “custom model” and where I got the badges from. That is how my “hobby” got started.

Now I am making badges and emblems for all kinds of vehicles. I specialize in one off designs or emblems that are now obsolete. Maybe you like the OEM badge but would like to add your own unique twist to it. I have made badges for boats, RVs, motorcycles, and even a mail box. You might have seen my badges at a local car show, or at SEMA or flipping through you favorite car or truck magazine. I started Billet Badges to try and make it affordable for a backyard customizer to add that final touch to their ride. Let me know what I can model up for you.

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Steve Smart
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