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Hi, We're Bill & Nicola from Melbourne, found Flickr and love taking everyday pics. Bill takes most of the pics, and

they are 99% unaltered - what you see is what you get.

Basic camera - Kodak Easyshare C433 4.0MP and LG Phone (1.3MP).


For a basic 'point'n'shoot' the Kodak macro is awesome - perfect for my food fetish!






In approx order where we've lived... (can you spot the nexus????)


Bill - Belfast (NI), Carrickfergus (NI), Ferntree Gully (AU), Carrickfergus (NI), Ferntree Gully (AU), Bonegilla (AU), Brisbane (AU), Toowoomba (AU), Melbourne (AU), Woomera (AU), Melbourne (AU)


Nicola - Jamestown (AU), Crystal Brook (AU), Alice Springs (AU), Darwin (AU), Woomera (AU), Melbourne (AU)


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Breakfast of Champions

The Perfect Egg

Mushy Peas

Ulster Fry Around the World

Fish & Chip Shops


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Lean Knot (deleted)

NicnBill's Photos are amazing!! they are excellent and everyday food, and i am proud to be working with them in providing top quality photos! Neil

May 29, 2007