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Just a word on copyright. I have taken years out of my life to either photograph or create everything that you see in my account. If I need to remind you,here it is..ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. In other words, i retain the copyright to all photographs, graphic art and images found in my stream, unless otherwise noted. Please respect the fact that they are completely and absolutely MY PROPERTY [ie. ©justinfarrow], and i will ask you nicely to not use them for your blog, art project, global advertising campaign or magazine article without my expressed permission. i can easily be contacted via flickrmail, or e-mail or bat signal  If you care to license a photo or purchase a print, please contact me at  visit my blog to see what I did today: You can now purchase photos here: Website

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  • JoinedJanuary 2005
  • OccupationArtist, Anthropology Grad Student
  • Hometown[Charleston SC][@ home in brooklyn]
  • Current cityBrooklyn NY[greenpoint]
  • CountryUSA
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Cut Ink (deleted)

A truly exceptional photographer...a natural and a professional. I enjoy looking through the archives of Justin's work almost daily and look forward to seeing what he does with it in the future. Thanks so much for all of your help Justin. Keep it up!

July 13, 2008

this guy is ill.

July 29, 2006