there really isn't a whole lot to describe, I like stickers, spray paint, stencils and posters. this page is a collection of things i made...thats about it.
also, if you message me i apologize if i don't respond to you right away, i answer my inboxes in chunks, but i promise i'll respond...

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    asfdjgskfahlj;SDSGLJBHLSKK; says:

    "Wicked cool duder, this is the man with a couple plans! he knows whats up about this game and sits back cause it all comes easy to him! if your in a clutch biafra might even help you out! no homo."

    12th April, 2010

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    Cler One says:

    "Great down to earth guy, great stickers dude either a millionare or something because he do be giving away stickers like crazy no one else like him, great, fast and reliable trader!"

    14th May, 2009

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    chawqq says:

    "Best sticker artist around. Fast trader and sick stickers. I can see him going global!"

    21st March, 2009

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    Oars SBOS says:

    "The man who sends free packs to anyone. And will hook up for sure. i have at leate 30-40 of his slaps i make sure in everyone peel i do i throw it up in there. everyone should to."

    9th March, 2009

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    Juicce says:

    "dope slaps! dope person ! dope artist ! umm great trader and i highly recommend a trade with Biafra inc. trustfull"

    21st January, 2009

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    Vagrant Fly says:

    "A mainstay in the sticker and poster art community, a king, and an idol."

    14th January, 2009

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    S@GE... says:

    "Very authentic!!!!!!
    True artist....."

    10th January, 2009

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    beLIEve? says:

    "one of the best dudes ever... he has given me so much stuff and i'm not just talking stickers. there have been days where i woke up and there were fresh sticker paper, a bunch of random slaps and a wacom tablet sitting on my desk... not to mention how many packs he's sent me and shirts. i don't think i've sent him one thing, he deserves to be king cause he is just so generous... i should build him a bike or something... no really he's the shit."

    25th November, 2008

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    Seven Logo's says:

    "Nice works men,peace."

    23rd November, 2008

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    455ER CBS says:

    "An all around good guy. Much respect !

    1st November, 2008

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    Sticky Ricks' says:

    "WICKED HAND STYLES....Sticky Rick~"

    13th September, 2008

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    !D!OT THE W!SE (aka: INSPIRE ONE) says:

    "A great talent! We'll all see someday...biafra will be HUGE..."

    17th August, 2008

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    إدوين says:

    "Hooked me up with some stickers twice!
    Love all of his pieces, such a good style."

    25th July, 2008

Biafra Inc.
July 2007