Brought up in Stoke on Trent I left school at 16 to work in the Bus Industry as a cash clerk for Berresfords Motors...Over the next 17 years i worked as Driver,Scheduler,Publicity assistant and Traffic Manager for various Operators,PMT,Berresfords,Stoniers,Knotty Bus,Stevensons,Ivor J lucas and saw the Bus industry adapt to the changes of deregulation from the perspectives of both small and large opeators.I also had the pleasure to drive in service many differing chassis types,some of which are rarely seen today even in preservation.My career took a change in 1995 when I became a signalman for the then newly formed Railtrack,a job which I do to this day..although my heart remains firmly in the bus industry.I've been married to the same long suffering woman for nearly 25 years,and have one son,both of whom reluctantly accept my hobbies and ever growing collections of 78rpm records,model cars and buses,automobilia and classic/preserved cars and buses.I have travelled many miles over the last 30 odd years photographing buses,cars and anything else which caught my eye....If anyone wishes to download or copy my photos for their own use please feel free...If you want to use them for some project,study group,research or any sort of publication/transmission please ask first..I may be able to help out with others which I havent uploaded to flickr.

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