Named after “Piz Bernina” – at 4048.6 metres above sea level, the only mountain in the Eastern Alps to top four thousand metres – BERNINA stands for high goals and aspirations. BERNINA means passion and tradition, top quality and technical innovations, inspiring creativity.


A century and more of experience has made BERNINA a leading expert in the art of sewing. BERNINA’s leading role is a direct result of its history of uncompromising quality and groundbreaking innovations. With its newest sewing, quilting and embroidery system, the BERNINA 830, the company reasserts its role of technological leader.


What’s more, all BERNINA sewing systems share the same defining -characteristics: they are absolutely user-friendly and constantly inspire their users to new sewing achievements, such as -fashion, accessories or decorations for home and garden. BERNINA is also the number one choice for the worldwide quilt community. With BERNINA, textiles can be transformed into extravagant and much-admired individual pieces in next to no time.


The BERNINA stitch regulator (BSR) is a revolutionary presser foot system that ensures regular stitches in freehand quilting, sewing and embroidery – for perfect sewing with straight and zigzag stitches. Then there’s the Creative consultant, which not only displays the right presser feet, presser foot pressure, correct needle and feed dog setting on the screen, but also automatically sets the thread tension and the desired stitch.

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